[Instagrammable Touring] [Chiba Prefecture] Bike trip to the blue mailbox! Unusual spot solo trip

I went on a solo motorcycle trip to Kujukuri Beach, where there is a blue mailbox that is said to bring happiness!

The Blue Post on Kujukuri Beach is an Instagrammable spot with a nostalgic atmosphere.


A blue mailbox that brings happiness

Speaking of blue mailboxes, you may think of blue mailboxes for express delivery in Tokyo.

The blue mailbox here at Kujukuri Seaside Station is said to be the blue mailbox of happiness.

If you drop a letter into the mailbox, it will be collected and mailed just like a regular mailbox.

History of blue post

It seems that the blue post was installed on “January 24, 2018”.

An unveiling ceremony and commemorative event were held for the “Blue Round Mailbox,” which is inspired by the blue sky and sea.

Harley and blue mailbox

This is a two-shot of the Harley Sports Glide that brought me this far and the blue mailbox.

Depending on how you look at it, it looks like two lovers passing each other. (lol)

Sea Station Kujukuri

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed inside the building, but there were shops selling souvenirs and local products, and there was an eat-in corner on the second floor.

There is an aquarium next to the shop where you can see a large number of sardines.

Since it is close to the sea, you can enjoy seafood dishes.

It seems that if there is an event, it can be crowded with stalls and other things.

Touring video to get to the sea station Kujukuri

On this day, we toured from Choshi in Chiba to Kujukuri before heading to the seaside station Kujukuri.

Here is the video from that time.