[Kanto Touring Spot] [Chiba Prefecture] Bike trip to Ubara Ideal Land! Solo Harley trip to enjoy the rich natural scenery of Minamiboso

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This time, I toured a wonderful place called Ubara Risokyo in Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture with my favorite FLSB Sports Glide. Chiba Prefecture is close to Tokyo and has many touring spots where you can enjoy scenic views of the ocean, mountains, and countryside.

This time, I would like to introduce some particularly recommended courses.


Departure point: Central Tokyo

To go from central Tokyo to Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture, take Shuto Expressway No. 9 Fukagawa Line/Route 9 in Koto Ward from Sumida River Bridge and Fukuzumi. The Shuto Expressway is easy to ride even on a motorcycle, and it has a sense of speed. On the Shuto Expressway No. 9 Fukagawa Line, you can see symbols of Tokyo such as the Sky Tree and Rainbow Bridge while crossing the Sumida River and Arakawa River.

Transit point 1: Shuto Expressway Wangan Line


Transfer from Shuto Expressway No. 9 Fukagawa Line to Shuto Expressway Wangan Line. The Shuto Expressway Bayshore Route is a scenic route that offers a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay. You can see landmarks such as Odaiba and Haneda Airport while feeling the sea breeze. You can also ride the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line/National Route 409 on this route. The Tokyo Bay Aqua Line is a 15-kilometer road connected by an undersea tunnel and bridge that connects Tokyo and Chiba. The undersea tunnel will give you the feeling of running under the sea, and the bridge will leave you overwhelmed by the blue of the sea and sky. You can take a break and eat at the Umihotaru Parking Area, located halfway along the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line. The sunset and night views from the Umihotaru parking area are exquisite.

Transit point 2: Chiba section/Metropolitan area central connecting expressway/National Route 468


From Tokyo Bay Aqua Line/National Route 409, enter the Chiba section/Metropolitan Area Chuo Expressway/National Route 468. This road is an expressway that runs north-south through Chiba Prefecture, and continues until it reaches Otaki Kaido/National Route 297 in Tao, Ichihara City. At Ichihara Tsurumai IC, exit the Chiba Section/Metropolitan Area Chuo Expressway/National Route 468 and enter National Route 297. In this section, you can enjoy the rural scenery and mountain ranges of Chiba Prefecture. There are also many shops and restaurants along this road that sell Chiba Prefecture’s special products and souvenirs. You can purchase Chiba Prefecture’s agricultural and livestock products and specialty products directly from the farm. In addition, at the Roadside Station Kamogawa Ocean Park in Otaki Town, you can enjoy direct sales of Kamogawa products and local fish dishes in a building that resembles a turban shell.

Destination: Ubara Utopia

Proceed along National Route 297 and arrive at your destination, Ubara Ubara, located in Ubara, Katsuura City.

In this article, let’s talk a little bit about Ubara Utopia.

Ubara Utopia is a coastal scenic spot around Cape Myojin that protrudes on the west side of Katsuura Bay facing the Pacific Ocean, and you can enjoy beautiful scenery in harmony with nature. Next, I will tell you about the history, characteristics, famous places, nature, literature, etc. of Ubara Utopia.

History and characteristics of Ubara Utopia

Ubara Ubara Utopia is said to have come to be called “Ubara Utopia” because there was a plan to turn it into a vacation home in the early Taisho era. Since then, many literary figures and artists have visited the area due to its scenic surroundings, leaving behind numerous works. In particular, Akiko Yosano stayed here with her artist friends in 1936, and she composed 76 poems. In addition, in 2017, Jomon pottery fragments were discovered by the Ubara Utopokyo Yamayuri Association, and the site was registered as the Ubara Tewadaira Ruins.

Sights and nature of Ubara ideal village

It is a 2,300 meter long hike that goes around the cape, and the entire Cape Myojin area is full of scenic spots (scenic spots) along the hiking course. We will introduce some of the famous spots below.

  • Taoyame Daira: Located approximately 650 meters from the starting point of the hiking course, this is a rocky mountain with a cape that juts out toward the east. You can see Katsuura Marine Park (underwater observation tower) to the east and Cape Hachiman in the distance. Here you will find a design bench with a bell.
  • Cape Kedo: Located approximately 450 meters from Teyakumedaira, it is the southernmost point of Cape Myojin. A mountain can be seen close to the east, and Ubara Island can be seen to the south. There is a thicket of camellia trees on the north side of Shia.
  • Cape Hakuho: Located approximately 200 meters from Cape Hado. View of Ubara Island towards the tip of the cape. There is a site that appears to have been a quarry, and the tip is a sheer cliff.
  • Twilight Hill (Twilight Hill): Located approximately 60 meters from Cape Hakuho, Shia stands overlooking all directions. It is the highest point among the famous spots and is approximately 30 meters above sea level. The view of Ubara Bay and the capes of the Moriya and Okitsu districts to the northwest provides a contrasting view to the Pacific Ocean to the south. If you look towards the Pacific Ocean side, you can see Teyawadaira, which has a design bench with a bell. In spring, you can see early blooming cherry blossoms (Kanhizakura).
  • Ubara Coast: After passing through a tunnel approximately 200 meters from Twilight Hill, there will be a tow station in front of you, which will lead you to Ubara Coast. Ubara Beach, along with Moriya Beach, is a shallow, calm beach that has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Best Beaches, and is crowded with many people as a swimming beach in the summer.
  • Ubara Fish Port: Turn right from the road along the Ubara coast, exit the long tunnel, and the front will connect to Ubara Fish Port. It is an impressive port where fishing boats and other boats are anchored, and the intricately eroded cliffs can be seen in contrast to the well-maintained towing area.

On this hiking course, you can enjoy the sparkling ocean below, the gentle sea breeze, the seasonal flowers of plants, and the occasional chatter of small birds. You can also read songs and poems by literary greats such as Akiko Yosano and Teijiro Shinoda, which are engraved on signposts and monuments.

Literature of Ubara Utopia

Ubara Ubara Ubara has such a beautiful and outstanding natural landscape that many writers and artists have visited the area due to its scenic environment, and left behind numerous works of art. Among them, the most representative writers are Yukio Mishima and Akiko Yosano.

Yukio Mishima describes it as an unparalleled cape with an elegant coastline.'' He wrote a story calledAt the Cape,” which is set in Ubara Utopia. This story is one of Yukio Mishima’s masterpieces, along with Kinkakuji'' andThe Masked Confession.”

Akiko Yosano stayed here with her artist friends in 1936, and she composed 76 poems².

One of her most famous songs is “When I watch the sunset over the sea in Ubara, I think of you.” This song expresses her sadness over her separation from her husband, Tetsuki Yosano. Tetsuki Yosano passed away in 1935, and Akiko Yosano continued her literary activities following his wishes. She carved her own songs and poems on monuments and signposts in her Ubara Utopia and interacted with her local people.

In addition to Yukio Mishima and Akiko Yosano, many other literary figures and artists have visited Ubara Utopia and left their works there. For example, Teijiro Shinoda and Kazumi Takahashi. They wrote poems and novels inspired by the nature and climate of Ubara Utopia.

Ubara Utopia is a coastal scenic spot around Cape Myojin that protrudes on the west side of Katsuura Bay facing the Pacific Ocean.You can enjoy beautiful scenery in harmony with nature, and it is a cultural place where many writers and artists have visited and left their works. It’s also a place. Please come and visit Ubara Risokyo once.

Motorcycle parking information

Ubara Risokyo has a free parking lot for motorcycles. It’s on the left from the entrance, so please park there. There is also a paid motorcycle parking lot nearby. You can also search for hourly parking lots in Chiba Prefecture at the Japan Motorcycle Promotion and Safety Association.


This time we introduced Harley touring to Ubara Utopia in Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture. Chiba Prefecture is recommended as a touring spot, as it is close to Tokyo and offers a rich natural landscape of ocean, mountains, and countryside. There are also sacred anime sites and special products, so you can enjoy them to suit your tastes. Please try Harley touring to Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture.

That’s all for “Harley touring to Ubara Utopia in Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture.” It was _hiroyuki.ta. Next time we look forward to!