[Kanto day trip] [Chiba Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Choshi! Nostalgic hometown feeling and nostalgia

I went on a bike tour to Choshi, Chiba Prefecture.

Choshi in Chiba Prefecture is famous as a touring spot for motorcyclists.

Here, we will take a closer look at the charm of touring in Choshi, Chiba Prefecture.


Choshi’s seaside touring road is full of charm

Chiba Prefectural Route 254 runs along the coast of Choshi.

It is a major touring road among motorcyclists, and when you ride it on a sunny day, you can enjoy the warm sunlight and the scent of the salty sea.

The sights you pass by include fishing boats, beaches, and lighthouses, and for those living in the city center, you can enjoy an extraordinary experience relatively close to home.

You can enjoy the comfort of a slow life by running at a leisurely pace as the residents run at a leisurely pace.

We recommend that you don’t rush, take your time, let the sea breeze fill your lungs, and enjoy the cityscape.

Famous spot Inubosaki Lighthouse

Quoted from Choshi City Tourism Association

Inubosaki Lighthouse is a tourist spot that is loved not only by motorcyclists but also by various tourists.

The pure white lighthouse gives off a sense of cleanliness, indicating that it was built to pray for the safety of sailors.

You can even climb up to the lighthouse, so why not blow away your daily stress with a spectacular view?

There are various plants growing along the promenade, so we recommend taking a leisurely stroll.

There are also shops and restaurants, so it’s a good place to buy souvenirs or enjoy lunch.

A port town full of nostalgic charm

If you continue along Prefectural Route 254, you will see the port town of Nagasaki Town.

The atmosphere of the city has a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere that will make you feel nostalgic.

Many fishing boats can be seen, making it an irresistible view for boat lovers.

There are some potholes in the road, probably because the roads are not well maintained, so if you are riding a motorcycle, please be especially careful not to get stuck in a pothole.

Byobugaura is overwhelmed by the scenery

If you follow Chiba Prefectural Route 254, you will come to a park where you can see Byobugaura on the southeast side of the peninsula.

Byobugaura is a cliff of about 10 km long coastline, and it is a breathtaking view that is far removed from Japan, and is said to be the Dover of the East.

The author couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this Japan?”

It seems that some people are trespassing on the cliffs of Byobugaura, but please do not do so as it is extremely dangerous.

Chiba Prefecture Choshi touring video

On this day, we toured from Choshi to Kujukuri in Chiba Prefecture.

The video at that time is the following video.