[Scenic Touring] [Nagano Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Kakiso Valley! A solo trip through the emerald green valley of Shinshu

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.

I rode a motorcycle and went on a tour to Kakiso Valley in Nagano Prefecture.

This time, we will introduce the charms of Kakiso Valley and things to keep in mind when visiting by bike.


What is Kakiso Valley?

Kakiso Valley is a valley located in Reading, Nagiso Town, Nagano Prefecture.

This valley was created by the emerald blue Kakinori River eroding granite, and is also known as Kiso’s hidden village.

In the spring, the valley is filled with azaleas and rhododendrons, and in the fall, the autumn leaves decorate the valley, and the valley is crowded with tourists.

Route to Kakiso Valley

It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes from central Tokyo to Kakiso Valley by expressway.

The starting point is from Tokyo Station’s Yaesu Exit and take the Chuo Expressway to Nakatsugawa IC.

From Nakatsugawa IC, take National Route 20 towards Kisogawa and get off at Reading Interchange.

From the Reading Interchange, take National Route 256 toward Kakiso Valley and arrive at Kakiso Valley in about 30 minutes.

Highlights of Kakiso Valley

The highlight of Kakiso Valley is its emerald blue mountain stream.

The Kakinori River is a valley formed by eroding granite, and when it catches the sunlight, it shines an emerald blue color.

There are also waterfalls such as Ushigataki and Kirigataki in the Kakiso Valley.

You can enjoy the nature of the valley while looking at the majestic waterfall.

Motorcycle parking lot at Kakiso Valley

There is a parking lot for motorcycles at Kakisuke Valley.

The parking lot is located near the entrance to Kakiso Valley and can accommodate approximately 100 cars.

Parking fee is free.


Kakiso Valley is also a recommended spot for motorcycle touring.

You can enjoy the emerald blue mountain streams, waterfalls, and rich nature.

In addition, there are many tourist spots around Kakiso Valley, such as historical sites related to Yoshinaka Kiso and Kiso Itsuki, so why not visit them when touring?