[Kanto Touring Spot] [Kanagawa Prefecture] Bike trip to Southern Beach Chigasaki Beach! Traveling alone on a Harley to famous Instagram-worthy places

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time I would like to introduce touring spots in Kanagawa Prefecture.

I set off from my friend’s house in Hachioji, Tokyo on my Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide and toured by motorcycle to Southern Beach Chigasaki Beach. I will report on the situation.


Route from Hachioji to Chigasaki

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The route from Hachioji to Chigasaki is to take the Chuo Expressway in Otani Town from Kasumi Gakuen Dori/Goryoko-no-Hara Line and Hachioji IC, then change to the Shin-Shonan Bypass via the Ken-O Expressway/Metropolitan Area Chuo Expressway. The route was to arrive at Southern Beach Chigasaki Beach on National Route 134. The distance is approximately 60km and the journey time is approximately 1 hour.

The appeal of this route is that by driving on expressways such as the Ken-O Expressway and the Shin-Shonan Bypass, you can enjoy the coastline of Kanagawa Prefecture, which is relatively close to the city center. On the expressway, you can drive comfortably without the wind, and the scenery is expansive with nature such as mountains and the ocean. National Route 134 also takes you through famous tourist destinations such as Enoshima and Kamakura. These areas are also known as sacred places for anime and manga, and there are many spots that fans can’t miss. For example, Enoshima is the setting for SLAM DUNK'' andKamakura Monogatari.”

Southern Beach Chigasaki Beach


Southern Beach Chigasaki Beach is a historic beach that was opened in 1898. It is a spectacular spot where you can see Eboshi Rock and Izu Oshima in front, Enoshima to the east, and Mt. Fuji to the west. Additionally, Southern C, known as the Marriage Ring,'' which was featured on the CD jacket of the popular bandSouthern All Stars,” is a popular spot where many photo shoots are held.

I got off my bike at this beach and took a walk on the sand. During the season, you can rent beach umbrellas, sun loungers, and floats at the beach, as well as showers and toilets. Smoking and exposing tattoos are prohibited inside the beach, so efforts are being made to ensure a clean and comfortable experience for visitors.

Motorcycle parking information

Southern Beach Chigasaki Beach has a parking lot that can accommodate a total of 350 cars. Regular cars are available for 2,000 yen per day, but it is often crowded in the summer, so we recommend getting there early. There is also a Chigasaki Fishing Port parking lot nearby, which also costs 2,000 yen per day for regular cars.

During the off-season, you can park your bike at the nearby beach parking lot.


This time we introduced touring spots in Kanagawa Prefecture. Southern Beach Chigasaki Beach is a great spot to enjoy the coastline near the city center. In addition to swimming and eating, you can also take a pilgrimage to the sacred sites of anime and manga, so if you like motorcycles, be sure to visit. Through this tour, I was able to rediscover the charm of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Where should we go next time? See you soon!