[Kanto one-day scenic tour] [Gunma Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Lake Okushima! Cobalt blue and famous spots

Lake Okushima, characterized by the beautiful Shima Blue color

It is a famous touring road and touring spot among motorcyclists.

The author also went on a tour to Lake Okushima in Gunma Prefecture, so I would like to introduce the charm of this place.


What is Lake Okushima in Gunma Prefecture?

Lake Oku-Shima, located at the far end of Shima Onsen in Gunma Prefecture, is a dam lake created by the Shima River Dam. It has a mysterious amber color, perhaps I should call it cobalt blue. It is thanks to this water that the water of the Shima River and the water of Lake Shima, a little further downstream, have a beautiful color. Furthermore, a broad-leaved forest surrounds this lake. In autumn, these mountains turn red and create a very beautiful scenery. You can drive around the lake by car. (There is one-way traffic on the embankment, so please go clockwise.) There are also parks and observation decks around the dam such as Tsuga no Hiroba'',Akazawa Yasugi Hiroba”, and Inabako Seseragi Park''. ,Hinatami Park” is located at the bottom of the embankment.


He summarized the content better than I could write it, so I would like to quote it.

I also visited the lake, and the blue lake made me sigh.

It can be said to be one of the Kanto power spots that is easy to drive and has great views.

Please note that it freezes in the winter, so please be careful when visiting.

The charm of Lake Okushima

The most attractive feature of Lake Okushima is definitely the cobalt blue dam lake.

Its beautiful colors and diagonals seem to wash your soul.

A broad-leaved forest spreads around the dam lake, and you can feel the magnificence and power of nature.

There were also families enjoying activities such as kayaking.

Can you go to Lake Okushima on a Harley?

From spring to autumn, you can even go to Lake Okushima on large motorcycles like Harleys.

You can also park at the parking space at the observation deck set up on the road that goes around Lake Okushima.

However, the ground of the parking space is uneven and unstable in some places, so please be careful not to knock your bike over when parking.

Access to Lake Okushima