[Kanto day trip] [Saitama Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Omiya Hikawa Shrine! Musashi country and power spot solo trip

Omiya Hikawa Shrine, one of the power spots in Kanto

I stopped by Omiya Hikawa Shrine on my Harley while touring.

I would like to introduce Omiya Hikawa Shrine, one of the best power spots in Kanto.


What is Omiya Hikawa Shrine?

Hikawa Shrine is a shrine located in Takahana-cho, Omiya Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture.

It is the headquarters of approximately 280 Hikawa Shrines in the Tokyo and Saitama prefecture areas, and is also called “Omiya Hikawa Shrine” to distinguish it from other Hikawa Shrines.

History of Omiya Hikawa Shrine

It is said to have a history of more than 2,400 years, and is one of the oldest shrines in Japan, from which the name Omiya came from as a great shrine. As Musashi Ichinomiya, it attracts worshipers from all over the Kanto region, and is crowded with many worshipers on New Year’s visit.

There are over 280 shrines named Hikawa Shrine, located mainly in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo, and Kanagawa Prefecture.


Omiya Hikawa Shrine, which has a very long history, is crowded with visitors for New Year’s visits and Shichi-Go-San festivals.

It seems that there is a deep-rooted belief in it, and some people frequent it.

As a motorcyclist, I can’t help but pray for safe travels.

Access to Omiya Hikawa Shrine

Can I go to Omiya Hikawa Shrine by Harley?

You can go to Omiya Hikawa Shrine by Harley.

There is a parking lot for two-wheeled vehicles, including bicycles, at the shrine office next to Omiya Hikawa Shrine, and you will park your motorcycle there. During busy periods such as New Year’s visit, it may be difficult to enter due to the location of the shrine office.

By the way, parking is free.

There is also a paid motorcycle parking lot relatively nearby, but please note that large motorcycles such as Harleys may not be able to pass through the gate due to width restrictions.