[Scenic Touring] [Nagano Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Komagane Highlands! A solo trip on a Harley through the beautiful highlands of nature

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. The other day, I toured from central Tokyo to the beautiful Komagane Highlands in Nagano Prefecture on a Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide. I would like to share my experience and information with you.


What is Komagane Plateau?


Komagane Plateau is a beautiful highland area located in Nagano Prefecture. This region, with its fresh air, beautiful mountain scenery, and lush nature, attracts many tourists and touring enthusiasts throughout the year. In particular, the area is rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, and you can also enjoy locally produced specialties.

Route to Komagane Plateau

  1. From National Route 20, enter Shuto Expressway No. 4 Shinjuku Line/Route 4 in Shibuya Ward and drive for approximately 33 minutes (11.1 km).
  2. Proceed northeast on Ningyocho-dori/Suitengu-dori and turn left after about 120m.
  3. Proceed along Tokiwabashi Bridge and after 900m turn right onto Uchibori Street/Tokyo Route 301.
  4. Continue along Uchibori Street until you reach Takebashi (intersection), which is 700m ahead.
  5. Proceed along Daikancho Street and after 1.1 km turn left onto Uchibori Street/Toto Road 401.
  6. Turn right at Hanzomon (intersection) and enter Shinjuku-dori/National Route 20.
  7. After approximately 5.2 km, use the two lanes on the right to enter Koshu Kaido/National Route 20.
  8. Then, take the Shuto Expressway No. 4 ramp on the right toward Eifuku/Takaido/Chuo Expressway.
  9. If you continue on the Chuo Expressway, you will exit at Komagane IC after 2 hours and 44 minutes (approximately 227 km).
  10. Finally, if you continue along Prefectural Route 75, you will arrive at Komagane Kogen in about 450 meters.

Highlights of Komagane Kogen

  • Lush nature: Komagane Plateau is characterized by a beautiful landscape spread among greenery. In particular, the seasonal scenery is not to be missed.
  • Specialties: At Komagane Kogen, you can get fresh vegetables, fruits, and local handmade sweets. You can enjoy these specialties during your touring breaks.

Komagane Kogen motorcycle parking lot


There is a parking lot for motorcycles near Komagane Kogen. This spacious and clean parking lot is home to many touring bikes. You can safely park your bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery and specialty products of the highlands.


Touring from central Tokyo to Komagane Kogen allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy riding while enjoying nature. In particular, Komagane Plateau in Nagano Prefecture is known for its beauty.

It is known for its specialty products and is worth a visit.