[Shinshu Touring] [Nagano Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Lake Tateshina! A solo trip immersed in nature and art

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I would like to tell you about my trip from central Tokyo on a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB). The destination is Lake Tateshina, an artificial lake in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture. We will introduce in detail what Lake Tateshina is, how to get there, what kind of scenery and facilities there are, and where the bike parking lot is.


What is Lake Tateshina?

Lake Tateshina is an artificial lake built in 1952 as a heated agricultural reservoir. It has a circumference of approximately 1 km and is surrounded by forests of white birch and deciduous pine. If you stand on the south side, you can enjoy a beautiful view of mountains such as Mt. Tateshina and Mt. Yokodake reflected on the surface of the lake. The seasonal flowers and autumn leaves are also spectacular. There are inns, hotels, restaurants, and shops along the lake, and you can also enjoy activities such as boating and fishing. There’s also a nice art spot called Sculpture Park. Lake Tateshina is a popular highland resort.

Route to Lake Tateshina

I rode a motorcycle from central Tokyo to Lake Tateshina. The route now looks like this:

  • From central Tokyo, take the Shuto Expressway and enter the Chuo Expressway.
  • Proceed west on the Chuo Expressway and exit at Suwa IC.
  • Head north on National Route 20 and pass through Chino City.
  • Enter National Route 299 and run along Venus Line.
  • Turn left at the Tateshina Kogen Entrance intersection and proceed north on Prefectural Route 40.

Arrived near Tateshinako-mae bus stop.

This route covers a distance of approximately 200km and takes approximately 4 hours. There are service areas and parking areas along the way, but be sure to take plenty of breaks. Also, the Venus Line has many curves and narrow roads, so please drive safely.

Highlights of Lake Tateshina

When you arrive at Lake Tateshina, let’s first take a walk along the lake. There are well-maintained sidewalks, making it ideal for walking and nature walks. The colors of the mountains and sky reflected on the surface of the lake are amazing, and it’s a scenery that makes you want to take pictures.

Next is the Sculpture Park. This is a park managed by the Shirakaba Art Museum, located in Lake Tateshina, and exhibits works by famous sculptors from Japan and abroad. The harmony between sculpture and nature is beautiful, and you can immerse yourself in the world of art.

Motorcycle parking lot at Lake Tateshina

There is a motorcycle parking lot at Lake Tateshina. There is a parking space at the Tateshina Lake Parking Lot on the southwest side of the lake. It’s free and offers a great view of Lake Tateshina.


This time, I went on a tour from central Tokyo to Lake Tateshina on a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB). Lake Tateshina is a wonderful spot where you can enjoy both nature and art. When I went by bike, it felt great to be able to feel the wind and scent of the highland while riding. There are other hot springs and campgrounds around Lake Tateshina, so I would like to spend more time there next time. Everyone, please try a motorcycle trip to Lake Tateshina.

※ 蓼科湖 = Lake Tateshina