[Kanto day trip] [Saitama Prefecture] Bike trip to the hill of departure! Chichibu’s nature and the day of departure


埼玉県 秩父の旅立ちの丘とは


“Departure Day”, which is most sung at graduation ceremonies of elementary and junior high schools across the country, was born at a junior high school in Chichibu City. To commemorate the origin of this song in Chichibu, the “Tabidachi no Oka” monument was built in Chichibu Muse Park’s Chibikko Square, which offers a panoramic view of the city. Graduation, marriage, employment, etc. This is a popular spot where people who are facing various “departures” in their lives visit with hope in their hearts. The monument also serves as an observation deck, and when you walk through the passageway where the melody of “Departure Day” plays and reach the stage at the tip, a chorus by students from the junior high school where the song was created begins to play.


I’m sure everyone has sung it at least once, “Departure Day”, a song that was created at a junior high school in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture.

“Tabidachi no Oka” in Chichibu is said to be a monument built to commemorate the birth of this song, and it seems to have a history of seeing off visitors as they depart on their various journeys.

There’s no one who doesn’t feel nostalgic when they hear “Departure Day” playing at the observatory.

Padlock and votive tablet on Departure Hill


The observatory is said to be a sacred place for lovers, and people pray for eternal love by hanging padlocks, votive tablets, and bells that look like musical notes on the iron fence that looks like musical notes.

In addition, the “Muse Arrow” standing next to it is a bell shaped like a bow and arrow, with the tip of the arrow pointing toward the peak of Mt. Buko.
In Chichibu, there is a legend that the male deity of Mt. Buko and the goddess of Chichibu Shrine meet once a year during the Chichibu Night Festival. It is said that if you let go of the arrow, the arrow will transform into a sound and cross the hill, carrying your passionate feelings as if it could reach Mt.

When the sounds of two arrows shot by two people come together and resonate beautifully in your heart, your dreams will come true and reach the sky.

This legend may be why it is a sacred place for lovers.

Access to Tabidachi no Oka

所在地Chichibu Muse Park, 2523 Nagatome, Ogano-cho, Chichibu-gun, Saitama 368-8686

How to go to Departure Hill on a Harley

To go to Tabidachi no Oka by Harley, you need to park your motorcycle in a corner of the parking lot in Chichibu Muse Park, where Tabidachi no Oka is located, and head there on foot.

The parking lots introduced on the official website are the “Observation Chibikko Hiroba Parking Lot” and the “Lawn Parking Lot.”

Depending on where you park, Chichibu Muse Park’s parking lot may slope down in front, so please be careful when parking to avoid getting stuck in the slope.