[Kanto sightseeing tour] [Tochigi Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Sesshoseki! A solo trip to legendary and mystery spots

Sesshoseki is lava found near Yumoto Onsen in Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture.

It is one of the mystery spots where legends still remain.

It’s a bit of a geeky spot, but I’d like to introduce Sesshoseki.


What is Sesshoseki in Nasu Yumoto?

Sesshoseki is lava that exists near Nasu Yumoto Onsen in Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture.

The stone got its name because volcanic gas erupted in the area, and people in the past believed it was a stone that killed living things.

Legend of Sesshoseki

There is an anecdote that Tamamomae, a legendary woman said to have been favored by the retired Emperor Toba, was discovered to be an incarnation of a demon fox, and was slain and turned to stone in the land of Nasu where she fled. However, the stone emitted poison and continued to take the lives of people and creatures, so it came to be called the “Sessho Seki”, and in 1385 it was crushed by the priest Geno [3], and its pieces were scattered all over the country. It is said that he did.

It is said that the Sesshoseki was scattered at three places in Japan named “Takada” (there are various theories), generally Takada, Mimasaka Province (present-day Katsuyama, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture), and Takada, Echigo Province (present-day Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture). Takada, Aki Province (currently Akitakada City, Hiroshima Prefecture), Takada, Bungo Province (currently Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture), or Aizutakada (currently Aizumisato Town, Fukushima Prefecture).
There is also a legend that the fragments were scattered in places other than Takada, and in Hida it became Uburudtane, in Shikoku it became Inugami, and in Ueno Province it became Osaki.[4]


In Japanese folklore, the Sesshoseki is said to be the result of a woman named Tamamomae, who was loved by the retired Emperor Toba.

The name Sesshoseki is found all over the country, and there is a legend that it originated here in Nasu Yumoto.

Can you go to Sesshoseki by bike?

To get to Sesshoseki, park your motorcycle at a nearby parking lot and head towards Sesshoseki on foot.

It is about a 10 minute walk from the parking lot to Sesshoseki.

There are Jizo statues called Sentai Jizo standing next to the promenade.

There are thousands of Jizo statues all over the country, not just near Nasu Yumoto Onsen, but the sight of so many Jizo statues lined up gives a sense of grandeur.