[Kanto Touring] [Tochigi Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Senjogahara! Traveling alone in pursuit of legends and myths | Stress relief

Senjogahara, a tourist spot that represents Tochigi

It’s a name that smells like a battle.

The origin of Senjogahara’s name is said to be related to a legend that remains in the land.

Today I will introduce Senjogahara.


What is Senjogahara?

Senjogahara is a wetland located within Nikko National Park in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture.

It is a very large land with an altitude of about 1,390m to 1,400m and an area of 400ha.

An area of 174.68 hectares of Senjogahara is designated as the Oku-Nikko Wetland, a wetland registered under the Ramsar Convention, and is an environmentally protected area.

The myth of Senjogahara and the origin of its name



The name Senjogahara originates from the legend that mountain gods waged wars over this wetland.

The legend that gave rise to the place’s name states that this wetland was a battlefield where the two fierce gods of Tochigi Prefecture at the time, Mt. Futara (Mt. Nantai) and Mt. Akagi (Mt. Akagi), disguised themselves as a large snake and a large centipede, respectively, fought. There is.

The cause of the conflict was a territorial dispute over Lake Chuzenji, and according to this legend, the victor was Futakōjin (Mt. Nantai).

Senjogahara Access

If you are touring or driving to Senjogahara, there is a Senjogahara Observatory (Sanbonmatsu Parking Lot) where you can park your car or motorcycle.

Of course, you can park large motorcycles like Harleys without any problems, and the ground is asphalt, so you don’t have to worry about the stand getting stuck in.