[Scenic Touring] [Fukushima Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Urabandai! A pleasant solo trip around Goshikinuma and the highlands

Hello! This is _hiroyuki.ta, a moto blogger.

This time, I would like to introduce a motorcycle trip to Urabandai in Fukushima Prefecture.

Urabandai is a plateau area that stretches north of Mt. Bandai, and is a tourist destination with beautiful scenery such as Goshikinuma and Lake Hibara.

This time, I toured to Urabandai on a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB).


What is Urabandai?

Urabandai is a highland area extending north of Mt. Bandai in northern Fukushima Prefecture.

The altitude is approximately 800m to 1,000m, so it is cool in the summer and you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

Urabandai is dotted with tourist spots with beautiful scenery, such as Goshikinuma and Lake Hibara.

Route to Urabandai

The route from central Tokyo to Urabandai is as follows.

  • Take the Shuto Expressway Central Loop Line, Outer Ring Road, Kanetsu Expressway, or Ban-etsu Expressway and get off at Inawashiro Bandai Kogen IC.
  • Head north on Route 115 and reach the goal at Urabandai. route of

Highlights of Urabandai


The highlight of Urabandai is its natural scenery.

Goshikinuma is a beautiful swamp with five-colored lake water, and is a representative tourist spot in Urabandai.

Lake Hibara is the largest lake in Tohoku, and there are campsites and sightseeing boat docks along the lake, where you can enjoy a variety of activities.

In addition, Urabandai is home to a variety of natural beauty, including Mt. Bandai, Numajiri Plateau, and the shores of Lake Goshikinuma.

Urabandai motorcycle parking lot

In Urabandai, there are motorcycle parking lots at each tourist spot, such as Goshikinuma and Lake Hibara.

Many parking lots are free.

I used the parking lot at the roadside station Urabandai.


Urabandai is a perfect spot for touring on a motorcycle.

Why not enjoy a motorcycle trip to the fullest while admiring the beautiful scenery?

How to say Urabandai in English

Ura-bandai is called “Ura-bandai” in English.