[Night view touring] [Kanagawa Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to floating islands! Factory night view and night touring!

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.

Today, I took a motorcycle tour from central Tokyo to Ukishima in Kanagawa Prefecture, and I’d like to share with you my report.


What is a floating island?


Floating Island is an artificial island with an area of approximately 1.4 square kilometers located in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It was completed in 1973 and is used as a port facility and industrial area.

Route to floating island

To get to Ukishima from central Tokyo, take National Route 311 to Ukishima via Kawasaki Ukishima JCT from Kaishibaura JCT on the Metropolitan Expressway Bayside Route.

Highlights of Ukishima


The highlight of Ukishima is its vast grounds. Port facilities and industrial areas are spread out on the island, but in between are also scattered green spaces and parks.

Ukishima is also a place rich in nature facing Tokyo Bay. On the west side of the island, there is Ukishima Seaside Park in Tokyo Bay, where you can enjoy swimming and fishing.

The night view is also famous, and it is also famous for taking pictures of the photogenic and beautiful factory night views.

Ukishima motorcycle parking lot

There are not many motorcycle parking lots on Ukishima, so you will have to park your motorcycle on the shoulder of the road so as not to get in the way and take photos while riding.

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Ukishima is an artificial island with abundant nature floating in Tokyo Bay. It’s a great spot for touring by bike.

There are many ways to enjoy the park, such as running through the vast grounds, swimming in the sea, and fishing.

We hope you all enjoy bike touring to Ukishima.