[Kanto scenic tour] [Saitama Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Nagatoro! Solo Harley trip around rock pavements and scenic spots in Chichibu

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.
This time, I took a motorcycle tour from Tokyo to Nagatoro.
Nagatoro is a tourist destination in the Chichibu region of Saitama Prefecture that is famous for its beautiful valleys and rock pavements.
Specialties such as Chichibu soba and grapes are also attractive.
I rode my beloved Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide for about two and a half hours.
This time, I would like to introduce the situation.


What is Nagatoro?


Nagatoro is a 6 km long valley located upstream of the Arakawa River.
In the valley, there is a flat reef area made of exposed crystalline schist, which is called iwadatami.
Iwadatami is also known as the birthplace of Japanese geology and has been designated as a national scenic spot and natural monument.
Additionally, on the other side of the rocky pavement, you can see a landscape known as red cliffs where fault planes stand upright.
In Nagatoro, you can also enjoy activities such as boating down the valley and playing in the river.

Route to Nagatoro


I toured by motorcycle from central Tokyo to Nagatoro.
The starting point is Suitengu Street.
Enter Yasukuni Dori from Suitengu Dori, turn right at Kudanshita and enter Mejiro Dori.
From Mejiro Dori, take Shuto Expressway No. 5 Ikebukuro Line and enter Kanetsu Expressway at Oizumi JCT.
Drive approximately 55km on the Kanetsu Expressway, exit at Hanazono IC and turn onto Saikai Kaido.
Enter National Route 140 from Saikai Highway and drive approximately 15km to Honnokami, Nagatoro Town.
This route uses expressways such as the Shuto Expressway and the Kanetsu Expressway, so you will have to pay a toll, but it will save you time.
There are also service areas and parking areas along the way, making it easy to take a break and refuel.

Highlights of Nagatoro


When we arrived at Nagatoro, we first went to see the rock pavement.
Iwadatami is located about 3 minutes walk from Nagatoro Station.
There were shops, restaurants, fruit and vegetable stores, etc. lined up around the rock pavement, and it was crowded with tourists.
At Iwadatami, you can admire the scenery of the reef and red cliffs reflected in the water, and you can cool off by the water.

Nagatoro is famous for agricultural products such as Chichibu soba and grapes.
Chichibu soba is chewy and flavorful, and can be eaten at soba restaurants near Iwadatami.
The grapes have a high sugar content and are juicy, and you can even experience harvesting them at a tourist farm.

In addition, the souvenir shop run by the Nagatoro Town Tourism Association sells many Nagatoro specialties and local products.

Nagatoro motorcycle parking lot


There are several motorcycle parking lots in Nagatoro, but I used a paid private parking lot near Nagatoro Station.
There are also some parking lots where motorcycles are allowed.
It costs about 100 to 300 yen.
I think there are some places where bikes are OK for the same price as cars.


This time, I took a motorcycle tour from Tokyo to Nagatoro.
Nagatoro is recommended as a scenic spot in Chichibu.
You can enjoy highlights such as the rock pavement and the Rhine Kudari, as well as local specialties such as Chichibu soba and grapes.
If you’re going by bike, using the highways will save you time, but they’ll cost you.
Parking is also available for a fee, but it is relatively inexpensive.
Please refer to it when touring to Nagatoro.