[Kanto day trip] [Saitama Prefecture] Bike trip on a Harley to Raiden Rokki Bridge! Beautiful design with artistic loop bridge

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I would like to introduce to you how I toured on a Harley from central Tokyo to Saitama Prefecture Raiden-rokibashi in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture. We will tell you in detail what kind of place Saitama Prefecture Raiden-Rotukibashi is, what route we took to get there, what kind of sights there are, and what the bike parking lot is like.


What is Raiden Rokki Bridge in Saitama Prefecture?

Raiden Doroki Bridge is two bridges located on National Route 140 and Saitama Prefectural Route 210 Nakatsugawa Mitsumineguchi Stop Line in Otaki, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture. When the Water Resources Development Corporation (at the time) replaced National Route 140 upstream of the Nakatsu River with the construction of Takizawa Dam, there was a height difference of approximately 120 m from the current road downstream, so this was connected. It was built to.

This bridge is divided into two bridges, Otaki Ohashi Bridge and Todoroki Ohashi Bridge, but the design has been designed so that the whole bridge looks like one loop. Otaki Ohashi Bridge is a PC Ramen Bridge with a total length of 345 m and a maximum span length of 125 m, and is located on the downstream side. On the other hand, the Uroki Ohashi Bridge is a PC Ramen Bridge with a total length of 270 m and a maximum span length of 75 m, and is located on the upstream side near Takizawa Dam.

This bridge has also received high praise for its advanced technology and beautiful design, and has won numerous awards including the Good Design Award.

Route to Saitama Prefecture Raidenji Rokibashi

The route to Saitama Prefecture Raiden-Rokuki Bridge is as follows.

  • From Kamei Bridge, Kobikicho Street, and Ginza, enter the Metropolitan Expressway Central Loop Line/C1
  • Take the Metropolitan Expressway No. 5 Ikebukuro Line/Route 5 and the Kanetsu Expressway/Kanetsu Expressway to Saikai Kaido/West Kanto Connecting Road/National Route 140 in Arakawa, Fukaya City, and exit the Kanetsu Expressway/Kanetsu Expressway at Hanazono IC.
  • Follow the West Kanto Connecting Road/National Route 140, Prefectural Route 43, and National Route 140 to your destination in Otaki, Chichibu City.

This route takes approximately two and a half hours. There are some toll roads along the way, but that makes for a smooth ride. There are also many service areas and parking areas along the Kanetsu Expressway, so you can take a break or enjoy a meal.

Highlights of Raiden-Rokuki Bridge

The highlight of Saitama Prefecture’s Raiden-rokki Bridge is its historical value and beautiful scenery.

The highlights of Raiden-Rokuki Bridge are as follows:

  • Beautiful design: The two bridges, Otaki Ohashi Bridge and Utsuroki Ohashi Bridge, are designed to look like one loop. In addition, the design incorporates stains on the concrete caused by rainwater and other factors that occur over time by intentionally creating areas that will get dirty and areas that will not.
  • Observation space: In the middle part, there is an observation space with a parking lot and public toilets, named Yuliumu Hope Plaza. There is also a small observation deck at the top of the loop, and from either location you can see the entire loop and the nearby Takizawa Dam.
  • Award-winning history: Raiden-Rokuki Bridge has received high praise for its advanced technology and beautiful design, and has won numerous awards including the Tanaka Award from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, the Design Award (Grand Prize) from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, and the Good Design Award. .
  • Historical background: The name Raiden'' comes from the storyRaidenbo Monogatari,” which was created in 1998 based on the “Deedanbou” legend passed down in the Chichibu region. The name “Shirogi” comes from the name of the village that was forced to relocate when the road was replaced.

The combination of these elements makes Raidenjiu Liumu Bridge a place that you can not only pass through, but also experience its beauty and history.

Motorcycle parking lot in Raiden-rokibashi, Saitama Prefecture

There is a parking lot for motorbikes at Raiden-Rokuki Bridge. There is a viewing platform with a parking lot in the middle of the loop bridge, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view. Also, there will be a sign posted before you approach the Loop Bridge observation deck, so please be careful when driving. The parking lot is free and can park about 10 bikes. From this parking lot, you can see the Loop Bridge from the side.

There is also Otaki Shokudo, which is famous for its motorcycle bento, nearby, so be sure to stop by when you visit. There are many famous touring spots around Otaki Shokudo, so I think it would be an interesting trip even if you include it as one of your touring routes.


This time, I introduced a trip I took on a Harley from central Tokyo to Raiden-rokibashi in Saitama Prefecture. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and history of Raiden-Rokuki Bridge in Saitama Prefecture. This area is also known as the Chichibu region and is home to shrines and parks. There is also a wide variety of specialty products, including local cuisine and traditional crafts. Motorcycle parking is also available for free, but please note that the number of spaces is limited. It’s relatively close to Tokyo and easy to get to, so be sure to visit even on a day trip.