[Scenic Touring] [Fukushima Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Joudodaira! A solo trip filled with impressive views and highlands

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, we toured from central Tokyo to Jodo-daira in Fukushima Prefecture on his Harley Sports Glide. We will provide a detailed report on what Jododaira is, how to get there, what kind of scenery and plants you can see, and whether there is a motorcycle parking lot.


What is Jododaira?


Jodo-daira is a highland area located in Tsuchiyu Onsen-cho, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, and is a wetland located at an altitude of approximately 1,600 meters. The area is surrounded by a volcanic wasteland created by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Issei and a primeval forest of Oshirabiso, where you can see alpine plants and subalpine coniferous forests. Jododaira is designated as Bandai-Asahi National Park, and has a visitor center, rest house, and nature trail. Also, since it is surrounded by mountains, the air is clean and it is suitable for stargazing. In 1993, the Fukushima City Jododaira Observatory was established as the highest public observatory in Japan.

Route to Jododaira

The route to Jododaira is to go north on the Tohoku Expressway from central Tokyo, get off at the Fukushima Nishi Interchange, and go through the Bandai-Azuma Skyline. Bandai Azuma Skyline is a 29-kilometer toll road that connects Mt. Bandai and Mt. Azuma, and there are observation decks and restaurants along the way. This road is open from April to mid-November and is closed during the winter. Jododaira is located at the midpoint of Bandai Azuma Skyline.

Highlights of Jododaira


The highlights of Jododaira are its natural surroundings, such as wetlands and alpine plants, as well as facilities such as an observatory and a campsite. In the wetlands, you can observe hygrophytes such as Mosengoke and Cottongrass, as well as alpine plants such as Iwakagami and Minezakura. In early July, the Fukushima prefecture flower, Nemoto rhododendron, also blooms. There are wooden paths around the wetland where you can take a stroll. Stargazing sessions are held at the observatory at night, and solar observation sessions are held during the day. Tent sites and cottages are available at the campground.

Jododaira motorcycle parking lot

You can use the visitor center parking lot at Jododaira. The fee is 200 yen for two wheels. The visitor center, rest house, observatory, etc. are within walking distance from the parking lot.


Jododaira is a touring spot that can be reached in about 4 and a half hours by Harley Sports Glide from central Tokyo. You can enjoy the scenery that harmonizes the power of the volcano with the beauty of nature, as well as the abundant plants and starry sky. There are also plenty of facilities such as a visitor center and an observatory, so you can spend a whole day here without getting bored. I think Jododaira is an irresistible touring destination for people who love nature and motorcycles. Please come and visit us at least once.

浄土平 = Jododaira