[Beautiful scenic light touring] [Nagano Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Kamikochi! Nature and scenic spots | Parking information also

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I toured by motorcycle from central Tokyo to Kamikochi, Nagano Prefecture. Kamikochi is a beautiful scenic spot surrounded by the mountains of the Northern Alps, and has been designated as a special scenic spot and special natural monument of the country. I rode my favorite Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide through Kamikochi, which is rich in nature, and I would like to introduce it to you.


What is Kamikochi?

Kamikochi is a mountain scenic spot located at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. As part of the Chubu Sangaku National Park, it has been designated as a national cultural property (Special Place of Scenic Beauty and Special Natural Monument). There are fans who are fascinated by the pure scenery and visit again and again. Kamikochi has many attractions such as Taisho Pond, Myojin Pond, Kappa Bridge, and the Hotaka Mountain Range. Kamikochi is also a popular base for mountain climbing and trekking. Kamikochi, whose appearance changes with the seasons, is a place you’ll want to visit at least once.

Route to Kamikochi

The distance from central Tokyo to Kamikochi is approximately 300 kilometers, or approximately four and a half hours. I took the Shuto Expressway, entered the Chuo Expressway, transferred from Okaya JCT to the Nagano Expressway, and got off at Matsumoto IC. From there, we headed to Kamikochi via National Route 158. Along the way, I enjoyed riding through the Iriyama Tunnel and the curves along the Azusa River. National Route 158 is maintained as an access road to Kamikochi, and can be comfortably ridden on a motorcycle.

There are buses to Kamikochi from Sawatari in Nagano Prefecture, so park your bike at Sawatari Bus Terminal and board the bus.

Highlights of Kamikochi

When we arrived at Kamikochi, we first stopped at Taisho Pond. Taisho Pond is an artificial lake that was created when the Azusa River was dammed due to the large eruption of Mt. Yakedake in 1915. The sight of Mt. Yakedake and the Hotaka mountain range reflected on the surface of the lake is spectacular. There is a walking path of approximately 3 kilometers from Taisho Pond to Kappa Bridge. Along the road, trees and flowers such as larch and Japanese elm are blooming beautifully. Kappa Bridge is a suspension bridge that can be said to be a symbol of Kamikochi, and is a great viewing spot for viewing the Hotaka Mountain Range and Mt. Yakedake. Beyond Kappa Bridge, there is a trekking course that leads to Myojin Pond and Tokusawa, but I didn’t have time this time so I gave up.

Kamikochi motorcycle parking lot

Private cars are restricted in Kamikochi, and general vehicles can only enter up to the Sawatari Bus Terminal. From there, you will need to transfer to a shuttle bus and head to Kamikochi. The same goes for motorcycles, but the Sawatari parking lot has an automatic gate and cannot detect motorcycles, so you cannot use the municipal parking lot. Motorcycle users must use private parking lots. I parked my bike at the Sawando Ohashi parking lot near Sawando Ohashi Bridge. The shuttle bus stop to Kamikochi is also nearby. Parking fee is 700 yen for regular cars and 350 yen for motorcycles.


This time, I went on a motorcycle tour from Tokyo to Kamikochi. Kamikochi is one of Japan’s most scenic spots, and I was moved by its natural beauty. The roads are well maintained and comfortable for riding on a motorcycle, making for a fun touring experience. Kamikochi also has special souvenirs such as apples and cheese. I bought a whole apple pie from Kamikochi and apple juice from Shinshu before heading home. Kamikochi is a fascinating place that cannot be seen all at once. I would like to visit again if I have a chance.

The above was sent to you by _hiroyuki.ta. Next time we look forward to!