[Scenic Touring] [Nagano Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Kurobe Dam! A journey where you can feel the power of magnificent nature and water

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.

I went on a bike tour to Kurobe Dam in Nagano Prefecture.

This time, we will introduce the charms of Kurobe Dam and things to keep in mind when visiting by bike.


What is Kurobe Dam?

Kurobe Dam is the highest dam in Japan, located on the border of Toyama and Nagano prefectures.

Construction began in 1956 and was completed in 1963.

Water from the dam lake is used for hydroelectric power generation in the Kurobe River system.

Kurobe Dam is also a popular tourist spot and is visited by many tourists every year.

Route to Kurobe Dam

It takes about 3 hours from central Tokyo to Kurobe Dam by expressway.

The starting point is from Tokyo Station’s Yaesu Exit and take the Joshinetsu Expressway to Nagano IC.

From Nagano IC, take the Joshinetsu Expressway to Itoigawa IC, and from Itoigawa IC, take National Route 8 towards Kurobe Dam, and arrive at Kurobe Dam in about an hour.

Highlights of Kurobe Dam

The highlight of Kurobe Dam is its impressive appearance.

The dam is 186 meters high and 332 meters wide, making it an impressive sight.

In addition, the dam lake has an abundant amount of water, and you can enjoy the magnificent scenery.

At Kurobe Dam, you can enjoy the charm of Kurobe Dam by touring the inside of the dam and participating in a dam lake cruise.

Kurobe Dam motorcycle parking lot

Kurobe Dam has a parking lot for motorcycles called the Ogisawa Municipal Free Parking Lot.

From the Ogizawa parking lot, take the electric bus to Kurobe Dam.

Parking is free, but there is a charge for bus rides.


Kurobe Dam is also a recommended spot for motorcycle touring.

You can see the impressive dam up close and enjoy the majestic nature.

There are also plenty of tourist spots around Kurobe Dam, such as Kurobe Gorge Railway and Murododaira, so why not visit them when touring?