[Touring] [Niigata Prefecture] Bike trip to Sasagawa Nagare! An extraordinary solo trip with spectacular views and strangely shaped rocks

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, we will introduce a tour to the coastal scenic spot “Sasagawa Nagare” in Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture. I set out from central Tokyo on my Harley Sports Glide (FLSB) and drove about 400 kilometers. Sasagawa Nagare is a beautiful coast that has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 most scenic spots, and is a scenic spot with a series of strangely shaped rocks and caves. This time, we will tell you about its charm, highlights, motorcycle parking, etc. in detail.


What is Sasagawa Nagare?

Sasagawa Nagare is the general term for the approximately 11 kilometers of coastline from Mt. Torigoe in Hamashinbo Village in Murakami City to Kitsunesaki in Samukawa Village in Murakami City. This coast is lined with strangely shaped rocks and cliffs that have been eroded by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan, and has been designated as a national scenic spot and natural monument. In addition, the sea water is highly transparent, creating a beautiful contrast between the blue sea and white wave spray. The name Sasagawa Nagare comes from “Sasagawa”, the name of the village facing this coast. The name Sasagawa is said to have come from the Sasa plant that grew abundantly in the area, and the fact that the tidal currents could be seen all the way offshore.

Route to Sasagawa Nagare

I started from central Tokyo and took the expressway to Sasagawa Nagare. Below is the route I took.

  • Drive along the Shuto Expressway and enter the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.
  • After completing the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, I entered the Higashi-Kanto Expressway at Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture.
  • Drive on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway and enter the Joban Expressway in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • Drive on the Joban Expressway and enter the Tohoku Expressway in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture.
  • Drive on the Tohoku Expressway and enter the Yamagata Expressway in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture.
  • Drive on the Yamagata Expressway and exit onto National Route 13 in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture.
  • Drive along National Route 13 and enter the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway at Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture.
  • Drive on the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway and exit onto National Route 7 in Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture.
  • Drive along National Route 7 and enter National Route 345 at Samukawa Village in Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture.
  • Traveling along National Route 345, we arrived at our destination, Sasagawa Nagare, at the Hamashinbo village in Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture.

This route takes approximately 6 and a half hours, but it will vary depending on breaks, traffic, etc. I rode for about 8 hours, taking several breaks along the way. On the expressway, the views of the mountains along the Yamagata Expressway were impressive. On the national highways, I particularly enjoyed National Route 345, which runs along the Sea of Japan, and it was exciting to see the coastal scenery change rapidly as I approached Sasagawa Nagare.

Highlights of Sasagawa Nagare

Sasagawa Nagare has a variety of attractions. I visited the following spots.

  • Megane Rock: A strange rock located in the center of the Sasagawa River, it was named because of the two holes that look like glasses. This rock is approximately 10 meters high and 20 meters wide, and is said to have been formed by seawater erosion. There is an observation deck near Megane Rock, from which you can see Oshishi Rock and Awashima Island in the distance. Megane Rock is exposed to the rough waves of the Sea of Japan, so it sometimes collapses. Therefore, the shape of Megane Rock is said to change year by year.
  • Pleasure boat: If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Sasagawa River, you cannot miss the pleasure boat. The sightseeing boat departs from in front of Kuwagawa Station and takes about 40 minutes to enjoy. Along the way, you will be greeted by many strangely shaped rocks such as Megane Rock and Dinosaur Rock. As its name suggests, Dinosaur Rock is a rock that resembles a dinosaur’s head, with its eyes and mouth clearly visible. You can also feed the seagulls on the cruise. The seagulls will come up close and feed you directly from your hand. The sightseeing boats are very popular, so we recommend making reservations and lining up early.
  • Sunset: At Sasagawa Nagare, you can watch the sun set over the Sea of Japan. The color and shape of the sunset changes depending on the season and weather, but they are all breathtakingly beautiful. If you want to watch the sunset, we recommend the observation deck on Meganeiwa Beach or the Sasagawa Nagare Sunset Hall, which has a restaurant and a corner selling specialty products. From the Sunset Hall, you can watch the sunset with Megane Rock and Awashima in the background. At Yuhi Kaikan, you can enjoy dishes and sweets made with ingredients from Niigata Prefecture while watching the sunset.

Sasagawa Nagare Motorcycle Parking Lot

There are several places to park your motorcycle at Sasagawa Nagare. I parked my bike at the following location.

  • In front of Kuwagawa Station: I parked my bike at the parking lot in front of Kuwagawa Station to ride the sightseeing boat. This parking lot is free and located right next to the excursion boat dock. However, space is limited, so we recommend getting there early.
  • Megane-iwa Beach: In order to see Megane-iwa Rock, I parked my bike at the parking lot on Megane-iwa Beach. This parking lot is free. From this parking lot, you can walk to Megane Rock and the observation deck.


This time, we introduced touring to Sasagawa Nagare in Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture. Sasagawa Nagare is a scenic spot with a series of strangely shaped rocks and caves, and you can also enjoy sightseeing boats and sunsets. I rode a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB) about 400 kilometers from central Tokyo, and I will never forget the scenery I saw and the wind I felt along the way. I think Sasagawa Nagare is a place worth visiting by bike. Please come and visit us at least once.

The above was sent to you by _hiroyuki.ta. Next time we look forward to!

*The English name of Sasagawa Nagare is Sasagawa Nagare.