[Kanto Touring Spot] [Tochigi Prefecture] Bike trip to Ashikaga Flower Park! A Harley trip to places with spectacular views of flowers and illuminations

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This time, we toured from central Tokyo to Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture on his beloved Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide. In this article, I would like to introduce that situation.


From the starting point to the expressway

The starting point is Nihonbashi, central Tokyo.

From here, take the Shuto Expressway No. 6 Mukojima Line and head towards the Tohoku Expressway.

I left the Shuto Expressway early in the morning, so it wasn’t too crowded, but when I entered the Tohoku Expressway, it was a little crowded along the way.

Driving on the Tohoku Expressway

Once I got through the congestion, I was able to drive the Tohoku Expressway comfortably. It felt good to feel the wind while listening to the sound of Harley’s V-twin engine. I took a break along the way and got off at Sano Fujioka IC. From here, use National Route 50 to reach your destination.

Driving on National Route 50

National Route 50 passes through urban areas such as Sano City and Ashikaga City. Along this road, there are many shops selling Tochigi Prefecture’s specialty products and special products. For example, Sano City is famous for Sano Ramen'',Sano Gyoza”, and “Sano Sweets”. Ashikaga City has historical tourist spots such as Ashikaga Orihime Shrine and Ashikaga School. There are also local sake breweries such as Ashikaga Winery and Ashikaga Beer.

While driving along National Route 50, I took a detour to visit nearby shops and sightseeing spots. Sano Ramen was very delicious, with chewy noodles made from green bamboo and a light soup. The Sano gyoza had a perfect balance between the chive-filled filling and the skin, giving it a flavor unique to Tochigi Prefecture, which is the second largest producer of chives in Japan. Sano Gashi has a wide selection of traditional Japanese sweets and Western sweets that look cute and make perfect souvenirs.

Ashikaga Orihime Shrine is a shrine that is worshiped as the god of textiles, and there are also museums and exhibition halls related to textiles on the grounds. Ashikaga School is said to be Japan’s oldest academic institution and is designated as a national treasure. Ashikaga Winery is a facility that produces and sells wine using grapes grown in Tochigi Prefecture, and you can also enjoy tastings and tours. Ashikaga Beer is a facility that manufactures and sells craft beer using local water and malt, and also has a restaurant attached.

These shops and attractions are just a short bike ride away. We approached our destination while enjoying the food and culture of Tochigi Prefecture.

Destination: Ashikaga Flower Park


I took Prefectural Route 128 from National Route 50 and arrived at Ashikaga Flower Park. Ashikaga Flower Park is a paradise of flowers and light'' where you can enjoy seasonal flowers. Especially in spring, more than 350 wisteria trees are in full bloom, including a 160-year-old giant wisteria, an 80m-long white wisteria tunnel, and Kibana wisteria. Additionally, Kurume Azaleas, which are in full bloom around the same time, and roses, clematis, rhododendrons, and irises from May to June, and hydrangeas and water lilies decorate the park in the summer. In autumn, 20,000amethyst sage” plants dye the entire garden in a purple color, and from mid-October to mid-February, the “Garden of Light Flowers”, which is recognized as one of Japan’s three major illuminations, is also a highlight.

Last time I visited, it was the best time to see the wisteria. When I entered the park, what caught my eye was a huge wisteria trellis. The 600 tatami-mat wisteria trellis was like a room without a ceiling. The purple petals were gently swaying and the sweet scent was in the air. The white wisteria tunnel was like a tunnel in a snowy country. It was filled with white petals and sparkled in the light. Kibana wisteria had bright yellow petals. There were so many yellow petals gathered together that it looked like a golden carpet.

As I walked through the park, I saw other colorful flowers blooming. Kurume Azalea had a mixture of colors such as pink, red, and white, and it looked like a painting. Roses come in a variety of varieties, colors, and shapes, and each one has its own personality. Clematis ranged from small flowers to large flowers. Rhododendrons ranged in color from light to dark.


This time, I went on a motorcycle tour from central Tokyo to Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture. Along the way, they sampled Tochigi Prefecture’s specialties and specialties and visited historical sightseeing spots. At our destination, Ashikaga Flower Park, we enjoyed the colorful flowers. This touring was a wonderful experience where I could fully experience the charm of motorcycles and flowers.

If you are also interested in touring Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture, please refer to it. However, please be aware that there is a parking lot for motorcycles near Ashikaga Flower Park, but it may not be able to accommodate too many bikes. We recommend checking availability in advance and arriving early. Also, since the park is large, it is important to wear shoes and clothes that are comfortable for walking.

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