[Kanto day trip] [Saitama Prefecture] Bike trip to the fruit tree park Ashigakubo! Roadside station stop spot

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This time, we toured Ashigakubo, a fruit tree park in Yokose-cho, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture. Ashigakubo Fruit Tree Park is a collection of farms where you can enjoy picking fruits such as strawberries, plums, and grapes. I departed from central Tokyo on a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB) and arrived in about two and a half hours. In this article, we will introduce the route to Kaju Park Ashigakubo, highlights, motorcycle parking, etc.


Route to Fruit Park Ashigakubo

I took the Metropolitan Expressway from central Tokyo and exited onto National Route 4. I headed north on National Route 4 and entered National Route 254 at Kawagoe City. I headed west on National Route 254 and entered National Route 407 at Sakado City. We headed north on National Route 407 and entered National Route 299 at Hanno City. We headed west on National Route 299, passing through Chichibu City and entering Yokose Town. In Yokose Town, the nearest station is Ashigakubo Station on the Seibu Chichibu Line. From the station, head south on National Route 299 for about 1 km to reach Ashigakubo Fruit Park.

Highlights of Ashigakubo Fruit Park

Ashigakubo Fruit Park is a fruit park village that is made up of 11 farms scattered on the southern slopes of Mt. Hyuga in the Ashigakubo district. Strawberries can be harvested from January to mid-May, plums from early July to early August, and grapes from mid-August to mid-October. Each farm has different requirements, such as reservations or same-day ticket systems, so please check in advance.

Fruit Park Ashigakubo is now a roadside station. Roadside stations sell fresh local vegetables and fruits, local cuisine, and bread.

Kaju Park Ashigakubo Motorcycle Parking Lot

There is a motorcycle parking lot at Roadside Station Kaju Park Ashigakubo. In one corner of the roadside station parking lot, there is a space dedicated to motorcycles. Motorcycle parking is available free of charge.

The bike parking lot is conveniently located close to the roadside station entrance and the farm information center.


Kaju Park Ashigakubo is a touring spot that can be reached in about 2 and a half hours from central Tokyo. You can enjoy local flavors by picking fruit or at a roadside station. There is also a motorcycle parking lot, but please be careful if you share the parking lot with cars as the number is limited. I was able to ride comfortably on the Harley Sports Glide (FLSB).

果樹公園あしがくぼ(英語):Fruit Park Ashigakubo