[Scenic Touring] [Shizuoka Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to the Jukoku Pass! You can also enjoy glamping! Good view and good solo trip

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, we will introduce touring to the spectacular scenic spot “Jukoku Pass” in Shizuoka Prefecture. I set out from central Tokyo on a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB) and drove about 200km. We’ll tell you what Jukoku Pass is, how to get there, what its charms are, and things to keep in mind when going by bike.


What is Jukoku Pass?

Jukoku Pass is a mountain pass located between Hakone and Atami at an altitude of 1059m. Its name comes from the fact that ten countries could be seen from here: Izu, Suruga, Totomi, Kai, Shinano, Sagami, Musashi, Kazusa, Shimousa, and Awa. To do. This corresponds to the current Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Nagano, Kanagawa, Tokyo, and Chiba prefectures. On a clear day, you can see not only Mt. Fuji, the Southern Alps, and Suruga Bay, but also the Shonan coast, Miura Peninsula, and even the Boso Peninsula. In 2016, it became a nationally registered monument.

You can go up to Jukkoku Pass by taking a ropeway called the Panoramic Cable Car. This cable car boasts the steepest slope in Japan (approx. 31 degrees) and will take you to the top in about 3 minutes. At the top, there is an observation deck, cafe, glamping facility, etc. where you can enjoy nature to the fullest.

Route to Jukkoku Pass

I headed towards Yokohama using the Metropolitan Expressway from central Tokyo. From Yokohama Shindo, enter the Tomei Expressway, then enter Hakone Shindo via Odawara-Atsugi Road. On the Hakone Shindo, take the Hakone Turnpike and go down to Hakone Yumoto. From Hakone Yumoto, take National Route 1 towards Atami. On the way, you will enter the Kannami Bypass, but instead of staying there, get off at the Kannami Interchange and turn left. From there, take Prefectural Route 11 towards Jukoku Pass. This road is fun with many curves, but be careful of oncoming cars and pedestrians. It is approximately 10 km from the Jukoku Pass Panoramic Cable Car terminal.

Highlights of Jukoku Pass


The highlight of Jukoku Pass is the spectacular view. When you reach the top by panoramic cable car, you will be overwhelmed by the 360-degree panorama that opens before your eyes. You can see Mt. Fuji, the Southern Alps, Suruga Bay, and more. The sunset and night view are especially beautiful and romantic from evening to night. The observation deck has stages of various shapes, and you can climb, sit, or lie down to enjoy nature.

In addition to the observation deck, there is a cafe and glamping facilities at the top. At glamping facilities, you can spend a luxurious time in nature in a comfortable space fully equipped with tents, beds, and bathrooms.

Motorcycle parking lot at Jukoku Pass

There is a parking lot at the Jukkoku Pass Panoramic Cable Car stop where you can also park your motorcycle. It is free of charge. Make sure to park where you won’t get in the way of other cars. The grounds are large, so if you have a motorcycle, you should be able to park there even during busy times, but if you are traveling with a large number of people, please be aware that you may not be able to park during busy times.


Jukoku Pass is a scenic spot where you can see Mt. Fuji, the Southern Alps, Suruga Bay, and more. Climb to the top on the panoramic cable car and be amazed by the 360-degree panorama. You can enjoy nature to the fullest at the observation deck, cafe, and glamping facilities. If you are going by bike, please use the parking lot at the boarding area. Jukoku Pass is approximately 200km from central Tokyo, but it is a touring course that you can enjoy along the way. Please come and visit us at least once.

十国峠 = Jukkoku Pass