[Kanto Touring Spot] [Kanagawa Prefecture] Bike trip to Jogashima! Solo Harley trip to enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and lighthouse

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.

This time, I went on a motorcycle tour from central Tokyo to Jogashima, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Jogashima is an island rich in nature located at the southernmost tip of the Miura Peninsula, with its beautiful coast, lighthouse, and daffodil flowers among its highlights.

If you go by bike, you can enjoy the scenery while feeling the breeze. This time, I set out on my favorite Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide. Now, let’s take a look at the touring process.


Route to Jogashima

This time’s route is to enter the Wangan Line from the Metropolitan Expressway No. 9 Fukagawa Line, then enter the Miura Jukan Road via the Yokohama-Yokosuka Road. From the Miura Jukan Road, head to Jogashima using National Route 134 and Prefectural Route 26. The distance is approximately 100km and the journey time is approximately 2 hours. There are many toll roads to pass through along the way.

The starting point is near Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. From here, take Shuto Expressway Route 9 Fukagawa Line. The Shuto Expressway is often crowded early in the morning, so we recommend leaving early. When you enter the Wangan Line from the Metropolitan Expressway No. 9 Fukagawa Line, you can see views of Tokyo Bay and the Sky Tree. The Wangan Line has many long straight lines, making it easy to drive fast, but be sure to pay attention to the speed limit and the cars around you.

If you go south along the Wangan Line, you will enter Yokohama-Yokosuka Road. There is a section of this road called the Kanazawa branch line, but just keep going straight. Yokohama-Yokosuka Road is a road that runs along the coast, where you can feel the sea breeze and the sound of waves. You can also see Japan Coast Guard and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force facilities along the way. As you drive along this road, you realize that you are approaching the tip of the Miura Peninsula.

Enter Miura Jukan Road from Yokohama Yokosuka Road and get off at Kinugasa IC. From here, head to Jogashima using National Route 134 and Prefectural Route 26. This section is a general road, so there are many traffic lights and intersections. There are also many residences and shops in the area, so be careful of pedestrians and bicycles as you ride. When you enter Prefectural Route 26 from National Route 134, you will see Jogashima Ohashi Bridge. This bridge has become free since 2020, so you can easily cross it.

Highlights of Jogashima

When you arrive at Jogashima, let’s first go to Jogashima Lighthouse. Jogashima Lighthouse is a Western-style lighthouse designed by French engineer Verny during the Meiji period, and is the fifth historic lighthouse to be lit in Japan. The current lighthouse is the second generation, rebuilt after it collapsed in the Great Kanto Earthquake. Although you cannot go inside the lighthouse, you can see spectacular views of Izu Oshima and Mt. Fuji from around the lighthouse. Especially when the sun sets, it creates a romantic atmosphere.

Next, let’s go to Jogashima Park. Jogashima Park is a large lawn park overlooking the ocean, and is rich in nature, with seashore plants and wild birds inhabiting it. The park also includes the Awazaki Lighthouse and the Hakushu Memorial Museum. Awazaki Lighthouse is a new lighthouse that was rebuilt in 2020, and its white and green gradation with a vegetable motif is eye-catching. The Hakushu Memorial Museum was built in commemoration of the poet Kitahara Hakushu’s love for Jogashima, and Hakushu’s works and belongings are on display.

Another highlight of Jogashima Park is the daffodils. Approximately 100,000 double-flowered daffodils are planted in Jogashima Park, and the best time to see them is from mid-January to mid-February. Daffodil flowers look pretty in white or yellow, but they also have a very pleasant scent. A daffodil festival is also held during the daffodil blooming season. Local vegetables and flowers are also sold, making them perfect as souvenirs.

Jogashima motorcycle parking lot


On Jogashima, there are two parking lots where you can park your motorcycle. One is “Jogashima Park Parking Lot 1” on the east side, and the other is “Jogashima Park Parking Lot 3” on the west side. This time I used “Jogashima No. 3 Parking Lot”. This parking lot is located very close to the shopping street. There is a dedicated space for motorcycles, and the fee is 100 yen per day. However, there is only space for 9 bikes, so if it is full, you will need to find another place.

Additionally, at the Jogashima Parking Lot No. 3, there is a service called the One Day Pass. This is a pass that allows you to pay 100 yen for a motorcycle or 450 yen for a car, and use it at any other parking lot on Jogashima as many times as you like during the day. To purchase a pass, simply press the “One-day pass issue” button when paying the parking fee at the exit. When a pass is issued, a “one-day pass” stamp will be stamped on the parking ticket. If you have this parking ticket, you can just insert it into the machine at the entrance when entering another parking lot. When exiting, insert your pass into the machine at the exit and take it out. This pass can be used as many times as you like at any other parking lot in Jogashima. However, it is only valid for the same day. Also, be careful not to lose your pass.


This time, I went on a motorcycle tour from Tokyo to Jogashima, Kanagawa Prefecture. Jogashima is a wonderful island where you can enjoy spectacular views of the sea and lighthouse. If you go by bike, you’ll be able to feel the breeze and the scents, making it even more enjoyable. Motorcycle parking is also available at a cheap and convenient service. Please come and visit Jogashima. See you again for the next touring report.