[Kanto scenic touring spot] [Saitama Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Seiunji Temple! A solo trip on a Harley where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at night and feel the history

Hello, bike lovers! This is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I will tell you about the bike touring from central Tokyo to Seiunji Temple in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture. I enjoyed a wonderful trip while enjoying the beautiful scenery and feeling the breeze.


What is Seiunji Temple in Saitama Prefecture?


Seiun-ji Temple is a historic temple located in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture. Its beautiful grounds and quiet atmosphere attract many people. This temple, which has deep historical and religious significance, is a popular spot for worshipers and tourists.

Route to Seiunji Temple


The departure point is central Tokyo. First, proceed along Ningyocho-dori/Suitengu-dori and enter Showa-dori/Edobashi/Todo 316. After that, enter the Kanetsu Expressway/Kanetsu Expressway via the Shuto Expressway’s Inner Loop Route, exit Hanazono IC and enter Saikai Kaido/West Kanto Connecting Road/National Route 140. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and road scenery along the way as you head towards Seiunji Temple.

Highlights of Seiunji Temple

At Seiun-ji Temple, visitors are welcomed by the solemn atmosphere of the main hall and vast grounds. The temple grounds, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, are a calming place. You can forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend a peaceful time amidst the historical buildings and scenery.

Seiunji temple motorcycle parking lot


Seiunji Temple also has a motorcycle parking lot. You can safely park your bike and visit the temple. For those traveling by motorcycle, a convenient parking space is available.


Bike touring to Seiunji Temple in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture is a wonderful adventure where nature and history intersect. Starting from the city center, you can spend a relaxing time enjoying the beautiful scenery and feeling the breeze. Please ride your bike through the streets of Chichibu and enjoy the tranquil space of Seiunji Temple.

Nearby motorcycle parking information

For people traveling by motorcycle, having a parking lot where they can safely park their motorcycle is important. There are motorcycle parking lots around Seiunji Temple. Check in advance, park your bike safely and enjoy your trip.

That concludes my Chichibu travelogue by motorcycle. Please look forward to the next adventure! Impression and excitement await you.

(*The English version of “Seiunji” in the text is “Seiunji.”)

Please try a trip through Chichibu by bike! Beautiful scenery and amazing experiences await you on our recommended routes. I hope you all enjoy the exciting bike touring experience. See you on the next adventure!