[Kanto Touring Road] [Chiba Prefecture] Bike trip to Kujukuri Beach Line! An exhilarating tour through the cobalt blue sea and white sand beaches!

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I toured the Kujukuri Beach Line in Chiba Prefecture on a Harley. Kujukuri Beach Line is an approximately 66km road that stretches along Kujukuri Beach on the Pacific coast, located on the east side of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. As you drive along the coastline, the cobalt blue sea, white sand, and blue sky catch your eye, making for a truly spectacular view. This time, I ran about 40km from Ichinomiya Town in the south to Yokoshiba Hikari Town in the north.


Route to Kujukuri Beach Line


There are several routes from central Tokyo to the Kujukuri Beach Line, but this time we headed from the Metropolitan Expressway No. 6 Mukojima Line to Yokoshiba Hikari-cho via Keiyo Road, Chiba Togane Road, and Ken-O Expressway. The Shuto Expressway No. 6 Mukojima Line is an expressway that runs along the Edogawa River, and you can sometimes see landmarks such as the Sky Tree and Rainbow Bridge. The Keiyo Road runs from the Tokyo Bay coast through Chiba City, and along the way it meets up with motorbikes crossing the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line at the Umihotaru Parking Area. Umihotaru Parking Area offers a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay, so it’s also recommended for a break. Chiba Togane Road is a toll road that connects Chiba City to Togane City, and is connected to the Ken-O Expressway. The Ken-O Expressway is an expressway that goes around the Kanto region, and this time we drove towards the Choshi area. As you enter the Choshi Connecting Road from the Ken-O Expressway, you will approach the coast. When you get off the Choshi connecting road and enter the road called School Line, it immediately merges with the Kujukuri Beach Line.

Highlights of Kujukuri Beach Line

The Kujukuri Beach Line stretches from north to south, but the section from Ichinomiya Town in the south to Yokoshiba Hikari Town in the north has the most attractions. In this section, you can not only run along the coast, but also enjoy sightseeing spots and local products along the way.

Ichinomiya Town


Ichinomiya Town is known as a mecca for surfing. Surf shops and board rentals are lined up along the coast. Even if you don’t surf, it’s fun to watch the surfers riding the waves. The Ichinomiya Fireworks Festival is held in Ichinomiya every August. Fireworks launched from the sea create a fantastic sight when reflected on the sea surface.

Ohara coast


Ohara Beach is a beach with the widest sandy beach among the Kujukuri Beach Line. It is crowded with many beachgoers in the summer, but it is also pleasant to take a walk while feeling the sea breeze in other seasons. The Ohara Coast Fireworks Festival is held every July on the Ohara Coast. Approximately 10,000 fireworks light up the night sky.

Kujukuri Town


Kujukuri Town is a town located at the center of the Kujukuri Beach Line. The town’s specialty is sardines. Sardines are seasoned with vinegar, salt, sesame, etc. while they are still fresh and are used as preserved foods. Sardines pickled in sesame and dried mirin are popular souvenirs. The Kujukuri Summer Festival is held in Kujukuri Town every August. You can enjoy parades, festivals, fireworks, and more.



Yokoshiba Hikari Town is a town located at the northern end of the Kujukuri Beach Line. The town’s specialty is “Hikari Negi”. Hikari Negi is a high-quality green onion that has been designated as a national production area, and has a sweet taste with little spiciness. There are also sausages and pizza made with Hikari green onions. The Yokoshiba Hikari Festival is held every September in Yokoshiba Hikari Town. There will be sales of local agricultural products and specialty products, as well as stage events such as music and dance.

Kujukuri Beach Line Motorcycle Parking Lot

When riding along the Kujukuri Beach Line, one thing you should be concerned about is the motorcycle parking lot. There are several free and paid parking lots along the coast, but they are not reserved exclusively for motorbikes. Generally, you will have to pay the same parking fee as a regular car. However, in some parking lots, bikes are free.


This time, I toured the Kujukuri Beach Line in Chiba Prefecture on a Harley. It was a spectacular road with a cobalt blue sea, white sandy beach, and blue sky. We also enjoyed the sightseeing spots and local products along the way.