[Touring Spot] [Shizuoka Prefecture] Bike trip to Atami Moon Terrace! Solo trip to feel the sea breeze at a Mediterranean resort

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I took a motorcycle tour from central Tokyo to Atami Moon Terrace. Atami Moon Terrace is a park along the coast that resembles a Mediterranean resort, and is a popular spot where fireworks displays and other events are held. In this article, we will introduce the route to Atami Moon Terrace, highlights, motorcycle parking, etc.


What is Atami Moon Terrace?


Atami Moon Terrace is an approximately 360 meter water park adjacent to Atami Sun Beach. Atami City is a sister city with Sanremo City in northern Italy, and because the topography and cityscape are similar, Atami City was developed with the image of a resort area in the northern Mediterranean. There are decks such as the Sky Deck, Rainbow Deck, and Beach Deck where you can enjoy walking, sunbathing, and taking commemorative photos. It is also lit up at night, creating a magical atmosphere.

Route to Atami Moon Terrace

This time, I set out on my favorite Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide. It takes about two and a half hours from central Tokyo to Atami Moon Terrace. First, take the Shuto Expressway No. 6 Mukojima Line and enter the Shuto Expressway Inner Loop Line from Edobashi JCT. Then, transfer to the Shuto Expressway No. 3 Shibuya Line and enter the Tomei Expressway. On the Tomei Expressway, take the Atsugi IC and enter the Odawara-Atsugi Road. At Odawara-Atsugi Road, take the Seisho Bypass and exit onto National Route 135. National Route 135 enters Atami city via Manazuru Road and Atami Beach Line. Finally, turn left at the Nagisacho intersection along National Route 135 and arrive at Atami Moon Terrace.

Highlights of Atami Moon Terrace


At Atami Moon Terrace, start by strolling around the deck while feeling the sea breeze. From the deck, you can enjoy views of Manazuru Peninsula, Hatsushima, Atami Castle, and more. Also, part of the deck protrudes above the water surface, allowing you to see the waves and the shadows of fish. There are benches and flowerbeds along the deck, so you can take a break and admire the scenery.

Next, check out the tourist facilities and local products near Atami Moon Terrace. There is a park facility called Nagisa Shinsui Park Moon Terrace within Nagisa Shinsui Park. Here you can enjoy activities such as sightseeing boats and saps. In addition, Atami’s specialty products such as sea bream, wakame, and other seafood are sold at Nagisa-machi Shopping Street. Daidai is a citrus fruit that is considered a lucky charm of prosperity, and is processed into yokan and jam. The wakame seaweed is farmed by the Atami Fisheries Cooperative and is fresh and delicious. Seafood includes extremely fresh sashimi and dried fish. Nagisamachi Shopping Street also has sweets such as Atami pudding and melting cheesecake. These specialty products also make great souvenirs.

Motorcycle parking lot at Atami Moon Terrace

Atami Moon Terrace does not have a dedicated motorcycle parking lot, but there is a reserved parking lot nearby. Please check the reservation site in advance as the number of seats is limited.


This time, I took a motorcycle tour from central Tokyo to Atami Moon Terrace. Atami Moon Terrace is a coastal park inspired by a Mediterranean resort, where you can enjoy walks and sunbathing. There are also tourist facilities and local products nearby, so you can fully enjoy the charm of Atami. There is also a motorcycle parking lot nearby, so it is also recommended for motorcycle touring. Please come and visit us at least once.

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Atami Moon Terrace