[Touring Spot] [Fukushima Prefecture] Bike trip to Lake Inawashiro! Traveling alone on a Harley through Japan’s 4th largest land surrounded by nature, history, and culture

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.
This time, I went on a motorcycle tour from Tokyo.
The destination is Lake Inawashiro, the fourth largest lake in Japan, located in Fukushima Prefecture.
Lake Inawashiro is an attractive spot surrounded by beautiful nature, history, and culture.
You can fully experience the charm of Lake Inawashiro by riding a Harley around Lake Inawashiro.
This time, I would like to introduce what kind of place Lake Inawashiro is, what route we took to get there, what kind of highlights there are, and what kind of souvenirs there are.


What is Lake Inawashiro?


Lake Inawashiro is a lake located in the central part of Fukushima Prefecture, with an area of approximately 103 square kilometers and a maximum depth of approximately 93 meters.
It is the second largest lake in the Tohoku region, and the fourth largest in Japan after Lake Biwa, Lake Kasumigaura, and Lake Saroma.
The water of Lake Inawashiro is acidic volcanic water, and is highly transparent and clear blue in color.
Because of its beauty, it is also called the “Lake of Sky Mirror”.
Lake Inawashiro straddles three cities: Aizuwakamatsu City, Koriyama City, and Inawashiro Town.

Lake Inawashiro is also a place rich in nature, history, and culture.
It has been designated as an area that has a valuable ecosystem as a Sphagnum moss community, which is a nationally designated natural monument, and a visiting area for swans.
It has also been visited by great figures such as Hideyo Noguchi and Basho Matsuo.
There are many leisure facilities such as hot springs and ski resorts in the surrounding area.

Route to Lake Inawashiro


This time, I went to Lake Inawashiro by motorcycle from Tokyo.
My favorite car is a Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide.
This bike is a versatile bike that combines the characteristics of a cruiser and a tourer.
It’s comfortable for long distance driving and easy to customize.

The departure point is central Tokyo.
Enter the Tohoku Expressway from the Shuto Expressway No. 6 Mukojima Line.
Go north on the Tohoku Expressway and change to the Ban’etsu Expressway at Koriyama JCT.
Go west on the Ban’etsu Expressway and exit at Inawashiro Bandai Kogen IC.
From there, you will arrive at Lake Inawashiro via National Route 115 and National Route 49.

The entire route is about 300 kilometers and takes about 4 hours.
I think it will take about 5 hours, considering breaks and refueling along the way.

Highlights of Lake Inawashiro

There are many things to see at Lake Inawashiro.
As you drive along the lake, you can enjoy views of mountains such as Mt. Bandai and Mt. Azuma, as well as the sky and clouds reflected on the surface of the lake.
The appearance of the lake also changes depending on the season.
In spring, cherry blossoms and rape blossoms bloom, and in summer you can play by the water.
The autumn leaves are beautiful, and the snowy scenery is magical in the winter.

Lake Inawashiro also has several tourist attractions.
For example, we recommend the following places.

  • Tatsuzawa Fudo Falls: This is an impressive waterfall located in the western part of Lake Inawashiro, about 30 meters high and 20 meters wide.
    Carp are swimming in the basin of the waterfall.
  • Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Museum: This museum introduces the life and achievements of Hideyo Noguchi, a world-famous bacteriologist from Inawashiro Town.
    Hideyo Noguchi’s statue and belongings are on display.
  • Inawashiro Castle: A castle located in Aizuwakamatsu City, also known as Tsuruga Castle.
    This castle is famous for the Boshin War and is currently designated as a national treasure.
    There is a historical museum inside the castle.
  • Goshikinuma: A group of swamps located to the southwest of Lake Inawashiro.It is called Goshikinuma because its color changes depending on the season and weather.
    There are promenades and observation decks in the surrounding area.

Motorcycle parking lot at Lake Inawashiro


There are several motorcycle parking lots around Lake Inawashiro.
Some of them are introduced below.

  • Roadside Station Inawashiro: A service area located near Inawashiro Bandai Kogen IC on the Ban-etsu Expressway.
    There are various facilities such as an RV park and a food court.
    There is no dedicated parking lot for motorcycles, but there is plenty of free parking available.
  • Inawashiro Town Tourism and Product Center: This is a tourist information center located in front of Inawashiro Town Hall.
    We sell local specialties and souvenirs.
    There is no dedicated parking lot for motorcycles, but free parking is available.
  • Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Museum: This museum introduces the life and achievements of Hideyo Noguchi.
    There is no dedicated parking lot for motorcycles, but free parking is available.



Lake Inawashiro is the fourth largest lake in Japan, and is a place full of beautiful nature, history, and culture.
You can feel its charm by riding a Harley around Lake Inawashiro.
Lake Inawashiro has many attractions, including scenic spots such as Aomatsugahama Beach and Tatsuzawa Fudo Falls, and historical buildings such as the Noguchi Memorial Museum and Inawashiro Castle.
There are also several motorcycle parking lots around Lake Inawashiro, so you can safely park your motorcycle.

We recommend the following souvenirs from Lake Inawashiro.

  • Koshihikari from Inawashiro: Fukushima Prefecture is famous for its rice production, and the Koshihikari from Inawashiro is especially high quality, and is characterized by its fluffy texture and sweetness.
  • Aizu lacquerware: The Aizu region is known as a production area for lacquerware, and lacquerware made using traditional techniques is both beautiful and durable.
    There are many different types, from everyday items such as chopsticks and bowls to decorative items such as flower vases and trays.
  • Aizu Cotton: The Aizu region is also famous for its cotton production, and the hand-dyed cotton is brightly colored and soft.
    There are a variety of types, from accessories such as tenugui and furoshiki to clothing such as kimonos and yukatas.

That’s all for this touring report.
Lake Inawashiro is a spot that can be enjoyed by bike.
Please come and ride a Harley to Lake Inawashiro.
See you again for the next touring report.

*The English name for Lake Inawashiro is Inawashiro Lake.