[Touring] [Tokyo] Bike trip to Kurochaya! A trip to enjoy the finest hospitality and gourmet sweets

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, we will introduce a touring trip to Kurochaya, located in the Akigawa Valley, about 80 kilometers from central Tokyo. Kurochaya is a restaurant that was relocated and renovated from a 250-year-old shoya mansion, where you can enjoy simple mountain cuisine such as charcoal-grilled dishes and wild vegetable dishes. It is an attractive spot with beautiful scenery and historic buildings. I went there on a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB), so I’ll tell you how it was.


Route to Kurochaya

I chose the following route to get to Kurochaya.

  • From central Tokyo, take the Shuto Expressway and exit on Ome Kaido via the Chuo Kanjo Line and Outer Loop Line.
  • Proceed west along Ome Kaido Road and enter National Route 411 in Ome City.
  • Go north on National Route 411 and enter Prefectural Route 33 in Akiruno City.
  • Proceed west on Prefectural Route 33 and run along the Akigawa Valley.
  • Turn left before Kurochaya and turn right at Konakano intersection to arrive at Kurochaya.

This route has a good balance of highways and local roads, and there is little traffic congestion. Also, Ome Kaido and National Route 411 are wide and easy to ride, and Prefectural Route 33 has many curves and is fun. The scenery along the Akigawa Valley is beautiful and soothing. However, please be careful as there are construction works and falling rocks in some places on Prefectural Route 33. Also, the last left turn to Kurochaya is difficult to see, so be sure to look for the sign.

Highlights of Kurochaya

When you arrive at Kurochaya, the first thing you’ll see is a large parking lot. There is a dedicated parking space here. I went on a weekday afternoon so it was empty, but it can get crowded on weekends and holidays. A short walk from the parking lot will take you to the entrance to Kurochaya.

When you enter Kurochaya, you will see a quaint Japanese-style building. There are 16 private rooms available, and the most recommended is the private room with a sunken kotatsu. The view of the valley from the window is wonderful. I was shown to a seat by the window. Kurochaya offers course meals such as charcoal-grilled and Hoba-yaki, as well as single dishes such as wild vegetable dishes and oyaki. You can grill the charcoal grill yourself, which is one of the menu items. The meat and vegetables are fresh and juicy, and the aroma of the charcoal grill is irresistible. The beef in particular was tender and delicious. You can choose between white rice or five-grain rice. I chose five-grain rice. Five-grain rice is chewy and goes well with miso soup. Dessert was ice cream. Coffee or tea is included after the meal.

Kurochaya’s cuisine has a simple flavor that uses abundant ingredients from the mountains and rivers. The menu changes depending on the season, so you can enjoy it as many times as you like. The customer service of the staff is also polite and kind. You can enjoy your meal slowly in a calm atmosphere.

Kurochaya motorcycle parking lot

Kurochaya’s motorcycle parking lot is located in a corner of the large parking lot in front of the store. There is a dedicated space for bikes here, which you can use for free. However, the number of seats is limited, so we recommend getting there early on weekends and holidays.


This time, we introduced touring to Kurochaya from central Tokyo on a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB). Kurochaya is a wonderful restaurant surrounded by nature and history, where you can enjoy mountain village cuisine. When going by bike, it’s nice to ride along the road along the Akigawa Valley. However, please be careful of road conditions and signboards. Kurochaya requires reservations, so it’s best to call in advance. It’s within a day trip from Tokyo, so why not go on a casual tour?

黒茶屋 = Kurochaya