[Kanto scenic tour] [Chiba Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Cape Futtsu! Traveling alone in search of Instagram photos and the sea

Cape Futtsu in Chiba Prefecture has been featured on Instagram and various other media.

The author also visited Cape Futtsu, so we will explore the charm of Cape Futtsu.


Meiji Centennial Observation Tower is an Instagrammable spot

When you think of Cape Futtsu in Chiba Prefecture, some people may imagine the Meiji Centennial Observation Tower.

It is also a famous spot where Ayumi Hamasaki took a promotional photo shoot for her music.

Recently, it has been introduced as an attractive spot on Instagram and has become a tourist spot visited by many people.

As a comrade, it makes me smile to see so many bike and car enthusiasts riding their favorite cars and taking commemorative photos.

Movies and model shoots are often held here.

The area around the Meiji Centenary Observation Tower at Cape Futtsu is often visited by models, celebrities, and Youtubers, so if you think there’s a photoshoot, you might unexpectedly meet an actor or actress! !

If you come here for this purpose, it may be difficult to achieve your goal, but it might be fun to take a look around while fishing or taking in the nice view.

Ayumi Hamasaki’s “Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~” was filmed here at the Meiji Centenary Memorial Tower.

History of Cape Futtsu

The history of Cape Futtsu is introduced on Chiba Prefecture’s official tourist information site as follows.

Cape Futtsu, the mouth of Tokyo Bay, was the front line of defense for the capital from the end of the Edo period until Japan’s defeat in the war in 1945. A sea fort built during the Meiji and Taisho periods is located on a cape that juts out like a crane’s beak above Tokyo Bay. It is formed by a sandy beach about 5km long.

Quoted from Chiba Prefecture official tourism and products website

It can be said that the existence of Cape Futtsu was very important to Japan during the war.

Nowadays, it has become a popular tourist spot due to the spread of social media such as Instagram and Twitter, but it is also a place where you can feel the changing times.