[Sea Touring] [Shizuoka Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Ito Marine Town! Solo trip to footbath, gourmet food, and sunset hot springs

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I will report on touring to “Roadside Station Ito Marine Town” on the east coast of the Izu Peninsula. I arrived at Ito Marine Town on a Harley Sports Glide (FLSB), which took about 3 hours from central Tokyo. In this article, we will introduce what kind of place Ito Marine Town is, how to get there, what kind of attractions there are, and information about motorcycle parking lots. Please use this as a reference if you are interested in the Izu Peninsula or want to take a leisurely trip by bike.


What is Ito Marine Town?

Ito Marine Town is a roadside station located along National Route 135, and is a tourist facility that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy all day long. You can enjoy free parking, day trip hot springs and footbaths overlooking the ocean, restaurants, shopping for local souvenirs, and sightseeing boats. It is also registered as a sea station, and you can enjoy marine sports such as sailing and canoeing. It is a popular spot where you can fully enjoy the nature and culture of the Izu Peninsula.

Route to Ito Marine Town

I toured by motorcycle from central Tokyo to Ito Marine Town. Below is the route I took.

  • From central Tokyo, head towards Yokohama using the Metropolitan Expressway.
  • Exit the Shuto Expressway at Yokohama Hashimoto IC and enter Odawara Atsugi Road.
  • Go south on Odawara-Atsugi Road, get off at Ishibashi IC, and enter National Route 135.
  • Head south on National Route 135 and pass through Atami City.
  • From Atami City, drive along the coast and enjoy the scenery as you enter Ito City.
  • In Ito City, turn right at the Yukawa intersection and enter National Route 414.
  • After driving a short distance on National Route 414, you will arrive at “Roadside Station Ito Marine Town,” which you can see on your left.

This route covered about 140km and took about 4 hours. If there are no traffic jams or construction works on the way, you may arrive a little earlier. National Route 135 has many curves and hills, making it a rewarding ride, but it can be dangerous if you don’t drive carefully. Also, in Atami City and Ito City, there are many traffic lights and intersections, making it difficult to drive fast. You can enjoy the ocean and mountain views to your heart’s content, but depending on the temperature and weather, it can be cold or hot. Please be careful with your clothes and equipment.

Highlights of Ito Marine Town


Ito Marine Town has a variety of attractions. I especially recommend the following three.

  • Day trip hot spring/footbath with ocean view
    Ito Marine Town has a day trip hot spring with a view of the ocean, Asahi-yu Seaside Spa.'' Here you can enjoy indoor baths, open-air baths, and saunas that use the source water from Ito Onsen. Especially from the open-air bath, you can see Sagami Bay and Izu Oshima. In the evening, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sun setting over the sea. There is also a free footbath calledAshiyu Attamarina” outside the hot spring facility. Here you can warm your feet while feeling the sea breeze.
  • Restaurants and local souvenirs
    Ito Marine Town is full of shopping facilities such as restaurants and local souvenirs. At the restaurant, you can enjoy dishes made with Izu’s seafood and mountain produce. I ate a Nanban-zuke horse mackerel set meal at Umi-mae Cafe Restaurant.'' The horse mackerel was fresh and plump, and the sweet vinegar and onion seasoning was exquisite. I was satisfied with the free refills of rice and miso soup. As for souvenirs, you can buy special products and specialties from Izu. I bought Ito Onsen Manju and Izu Kogen Beer atIzu Natural Life”. There were also Izu jelly, Izu milk pudding, and Izu wasabi rice crackers.
  • pleasure boat
    At Ito Marine Town, you can take a sightseeing boat and see Ito City and Sagami Bay from the sea. There are three types of pleasure boats: Yumin Hook, Haruhira Maru, and Iruka-go. “Yumin Hook” is an underwater observation boat that allows you to see underwater fish and plants through the windows on the bottom of the boat. Haruhira Maru is a dolphin watching boat where you can look for dolphins, whales, and other marine life. “Iruka-go” is a high-speed sightseeing boat where you can enjoy a sense of speed.

Ito Marine Town motorcycle parking lot

Free motorcycle parking is available in the parking lot. The motorcycle parking lot is located near the entrance of the roadside station. The motorcycle parking lot is spacious and can accommodate approximately 50 motorcycles.


This time, I reported on touring to Ito Marine Town. Ito Marine Town is a tourist spot where you can enjoy day trip hot springs with a view of the ocean, restaurants, and sightseeing boats. You can feel the nature and culture of the Izu Peninsula. If you go by motorbike, you can take National Route 135 and enjoy the scenery along the coast. Motorcycle parking is also available free of charge. Ito Marine Town is recommended for those who want to take a leisurely trip by motorcycle.

The above was sent to you by _hiroyuki.ta. Next time we look forward to!

※伊東マリンタウンの英語名は Ito Marine Town です。