[Kanto day trip] [Tokyo] Motorcycle trip to Hossawa Falls! Negative ions and good view

I traveled alone on a Harley to Hossawa Falls in Tokyo as one of the Kanto touring spots.

I would like to introduce Hossawa Falls as a record of that time.


What is Hossawa Falls?

It is the only waterfall in Tokyo that has been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls, and has a height of 62 meters.

It is located deep in the headwaters of the Akigawa River, about a 15-minute walk from the parking lot, which is about a three-minute drive from Hinohara Village Office.

What you can see from the promenade is the lowest part with a drop of approximately 23.3 meters.

The fresh water that flows into Hossawa Falls also serves as drinking water for nearby residents.

The charm of Hossawa Falls

Hossawa Falls is an impressive and attractive waterfall that cascades over four levels.

The basin of the lowest waterfall is very deep, and it has been said that a large snake has lived there since ancient times.

The beautiful waterfall surrounded by rich nature is filled with negative ions, making it a power spot with great healing effects.

Along the way, “Hinohara Pottery Museum Gallery Cafe Yamabiko” is a cutely designed building that warmly welcomes tourists to Hossawa Falls.

Access to Hossawa Falls

Can you go to Hossawa Falls by Harley?

To get to Hossawa Falls, park your Harley at the Hossawa Falls Parking Lot and head towards Hossawa Falls on foot.

The road to Hossawa Falls is not steep, but it is quite a distance, so it is best to go there when you have plenty of time.

They let me park for free.