[Kanto day trip] [Yamanashi Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Tambayama Village! Relieve stress by touching on nature, wolf legends, and history!

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Yamanashi Prefecture is a prefecture rich in nature, surrounded by many mountains such as Mt. Fuji, Mt. Yatsugatake, and the Southern Alps. It is also a very attractive tourist destination, with many scenic spots, high-quality hot springs, and delicious gourmet food. To fully enjoy the charms of Yamanashi Prefecture, why not go on a motorcycle tour?

This time, I would like to introduce a report from _hiroyuki.ta, who went on a touring trip from Hachioji City, Tokyo to Tambayama Village, Yamanashi Prefecture. Tambayama Village is the smallest village in the Kanto region, and is surrounded by Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains, such as Mt. Kumotori and Mt. Hiryu, and is rich in nature. What places did I_hiroyuki.ta visit in Tambayama Village, and what kind of scenery and culture did I encounter? We will tell you about the charms of Tambayama Village and information that will deepen your trip even more when you go sightseeing.


Head north on Akigawa Highway to Tambayama Village

We departed from a friend’s house somewhere in Hachioji City and headed north on Akigawa Kaido (Tokyo Route 32) to Tambayama Village. Akigawa Kaido is a road that leads to tourist spots such as Lake Okutama and Ome Kaido. Akigawa Kaido is also known as Tokyo Prefectural Route 32 Hachioji Itsukaichi Line, and has a route length of approximately 14 km from the intersection with National Route 20 (Koshu Kaido) to the intersection with Tokyo Prefectural Routes 31 and 33. Along the way, it intersects and connects with other metropolitan roads such as Tokyo Prefectural Route 176 Narahara Akiruno Line and Tokyo Prefectural Route 46 Hachioji Akiruno Line. There are also tunnels such as Komine Tunnel and Gonda Tunnel, and bridges such as Hagiwara Bridge and Akigawa Bridge.

Akigawa Kaido passes through Tanbayama Village, a village rich in nature and surrounded by Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains, such as Mt. Kumotori and Mt. Hiryu. Tambayama Village is the smallest village in the Kanto region, with a population of approximately 540 people. Tanbayama Village’s attractions include Nanatsuishi Shrine and Tanba Valley. Nanatsuishi Shrine is a shrine that enshrines seven large rocks and is said to be protected by a wolf, the messenger of the mountain god. Tamba Valley is an impressive area with large rocks and winding valleys, as well as walking trails and fishing spots.

Akigawa Kaido is an attractive road where you can feel nature and history.

Meet the legendary wolf at Nanatsuishi Shrine

On the way, we stopped at Nanatsuishi Shrine in Narahara Town. Nanatsuishi Shrine is a shrine that enshrines seven large rocks and is said to be protected by a wolf, the messenger of the mountain god. It is said that wolves used to inhabit this area in large numbers, but they are now extinct. However, in Tambayama Village, the folklore of wolves is cherished and introduced in the picture book “Wolves of the Blue Night” and reading videos.

While feeling the sacred atmosphere at Nanatsuishi Shrine, I looked around at the large rocks and torii gates in the precincts and thought about the legendary wolf. I feel that this is a place where nature and history are deeply connected.

Enjoy the beautiful nature at Tamba Valley

Next, I headed to Tamba Valley. Tamba Valley is located along the Ome Kaido Road and is full of large rocks and winding valleys. There is a promenade along the valley where you can enjoy walking and taking photos. As I walked, I was moved by the beauty of the valley in the summer, feeling a certain nostalgia. You can fish in the valley, but you can be satisfied just by relaxing and looking at the valley.

Refresh yourself at Lake Okutama

Finally, we went to Lake Okutama in the Kamosawa/Kosode area. Lake Okutama is a dam lake on the Tama River, and the view of Mt. Kumotori and Mt. Hiryu that can be seen from the water’s surface is wonderful. You can enjoy leisure activities such as boating and canoeing at Lake Okutama, but I was satisfied just by taking a break by the lake with a coffee in hand and looking at the lake.

At Lake Okutama, we were able to heal and refresh ourselves from the fatigue of touring. The contrast between the water and the mountains is beautiful and will soothe your body and soul. We also visited the Lake Okutama Visitor Center on the lakeside and looked at souvenirs at the nearby Roadside Station Okutama, further enjoying the charm of Lake Okutama.


I enjoyed touring from Hachioji City to Tambayama Village as I have introduced so far. The distance was about 60km, but if you stop at various places along the way, you’ll encounter completely different scenery and cultures. Although Tambayama Village is close to Tokyo, it has a charm that makes it feel like it’s in another world. If you like touring, please come and visit us at least once.

See you again on my next Harley solo trip 😊

Is there a place where I can park my Harley or motorcycle in Tambayama Village?

Where you can park your Harley or motorcycle, you will probably need to use the roadside station or village parking lot near Tambayama Village.

I parked my bike at Roadside Station Tabayama and enjoyed a walk around Tambayama Village.

Additionally, you can use the Tambayama village parking lot for free. There is no problem in the warm season, but it seems that it freezes in the winter, so you should be careful when using it depending on the season.