[Kansai Touring] [Aichi Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Tokugawaen! A solo trip where you can feel the Tokugawa history and the good old Japanese atmosphere.

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This time, we will introduce a tour to the Japanese garden “Tokugawaen” in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

Tokugawaen is located on the site of the Ozone mansion, which was built as a retirement residence by Mitsutomo Tokugawa, the second lord of the Owari domain. It is a stroll-style garden with a pond, and the highlights include the topography with differences in elevation and the rock formations using huge stones. You can also enjoy seasonal flowers and autumn leaves. I set out from central Tokyo in my car and drove to Tokugawaen for about five and a half hours. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Route to Tokugawaen

I took the Shuto Expressway from central Tokyo and entered the Tomei Expressway. On the Tomei Expressway, we took a break in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. In Hamamatsu City, we ate specialties such as Hamamatsu gyoza and eel pie. From Hamamatsu City, I transferred to the Meishin Expressway and headed for Nagoya City. In Nagoya, we toured tourist spots such as Nagoya Castle and Atsuta Shrine. From Nagoya City, we arrived at Tokugawaen via National Route 302.

Highlights of Tokugawaen

Tokugawaen is a Japanese garden with a strolling pond and fountain that spreads over an area of approximately 2.3 hectares. Ikeizumi Kaiyushiki is a garden with walking paths centered around waterscapes such as ponds and waterfalls. As you walk along the promenade, you will see a variety of scenery. For example:

  • Lake Ryusen: An island in the center of the pond. Cherry blossoms and maple trees are planted on the island, displaying beautiful colors in spring and autumn.
  • Zuiryu-tei: This is a tea room near Zuiryu-in. You can enjoy views of the waterfall and pond from the tea room.
  • Sozanso: This is a building located northwest of Tokugawaen. It was built as a guesthouse for the “Nagoya Pan-Pacific Peace Exposition” held in Nagoya in 1937, and was later moved to Tokugawa Garden. The building is in the style of traditional Japanese architecture, but also incorporates modern elements.
  • Kuromon: A black gate that opens to the west of Tokugawaen. It was built as the front gate of the Ozone residence of the former Owari Tokugawa family, and it has the atmosphere of a samurai residence.

Tokugawaen motorcycle parking lot

Tokugawaen has a parking lot exclusively for motorcycles. It is located a little far from the entrance of Tokugawaen, but it takes about 5 minutes on foot. Motorcycle parking is available free of charge. However, the number of parking spaces is limited, so if the parking lot is full, you will need to use a nearby paid parking lot.


This time, we introduced a tour to the Japanese garden “Tokugawaen” in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Tokugawaen is a wonderful garden where you can feel the history of the Owari clan and the natural landscape of Japan. Strolling through the pond-style garden, you can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons and the beauty of the rock formations. Also, don’t miss the Sozanso, which was built in the early Showa period, and the Kuromon gate, which was the front gate of the former Owari Tokugawa family. If you are visiting by bike, please note that free bike parking is available, but spaces are limited. Tokugawaen is located in a location that is easily accessible from Nagoya city, so be sure to visit it at least once.

徳川園:Tokugawa Garden