[Kanto sightseeing tour] [Tochigi Prefecture] Bike trip to Nasu Onsen Shrine! Experience power spots and the history of bows

I stopped by Nasu Onsen Shrine, a hidden spot in Tochigi Prefecture, while touring.

This shrine is known only to those in the know as it is associated with the famous archer Yoichi Nasu.

We would like to introduce Nasu Onsen Shrine as a hidden power spot.


What is Nasu Onsen Shrine?

“Nasu Onsen Shrine”

Japan, one of the world’s most volcanic countries, has a large number of hot springs, and in addition, there are many shrines such as Nasu Onsen Shrine where the presence of hot springs is involved in the rituals of their creation.

However, among them, there are only ten Engishiki shrines related to hot springs in the country that are listed in the Engishiki, a legal document from the Heian period, and Nasu Onsen Shrine in Nasu Town is one of them.


At Nasu Onsen Shrine, the very existence of balloons is divine.

It is also famous as the place where Yoichi Nasu prayed for his victory in the Battle of Yashima, and it seems to be a hidden spot visited by archery enthusiasts every year.

Access to Nasu Onsen Shrine

Can you go to Nasu Onsen Shrine by Harley?

You cannot ride a Harley directly into the shrine, but you can park your motorcycle at the Sesshoseki parking lot near the shrine entrance.

Nasu Onsen Shrine is accessed by climbing up some stairs, so it may be a little difficult to visit if you have trouble walking.

I came here with the intention of relaxing and training my legs and hips! We recommend that you act with a certain amount of leeway.