[Kanto day trip] [Saitama Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Shukuya Falls! A journey around healing waterfalls where you can feel the negative ions

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I toured Shukuya Falls in Moroyama-cho, Saitama Prefecture on my Harley Sports Glide. Shukutani Falls, also known as Shinta Falls, was a place for training in ancient times. Although it is a small waterfall with a height of 12 meters, it is surrounded by moss-covered rock walls, giving it a cool atmosphere. This time, I would like to introduce the route from central Tokyo to Shukuya Falls, highlights, motorcycle parking, etc.


Route to Shukuya Falls

I started from central Tokyo. First, take the Shuto Expressway and enter the Kanetsu Expressway. On the Kanetsu Expressway, exit at the Tsurugashima Interchange and enter National Route 407. After driving along National Route 407 for a while, you will see Moroyama Town Hall on your left. Turn left there and enter Prefectural Route 63. After driving on Prefectural Route 63 for about 10 minutes, you will see a signboard for Shukuya Falls on your right. Turn right there and join the forest road Yakuya Gongendo Line. The Shindo Yadoya Gongendo Line is a narrow road with many curves, so be careful when riding. After about 5 minutes on the Shukutani Gongendo Line forest road, you will see the entrance to Shukutani Falls on your left. Park your bike there and walk to the waterfall.

Highlights of Shukuya Falls


There is a toilet made of logs at the entrance to Shukutani Falls. From there, there is a promenade along the Shukutani River, and you can reach the waterfall after walking for about 10 minutes. Many plants such as ferns and azaleas can be seen along the promenade. Depending on the season, colorful flowers may be in bloom. The promenade is well-maintained, but there are some places with rocks and roots, so be careful where you step.

When you reach the waterfall, the spray of water will feel cool. The waterfall is 12 meters high, but the amount of water is not that high, so it cascades down making a gentle sound. It is surrounded by moss-covered rock walls, so the contrast between the greenery and the water is beautiful. It’s cool enough to make you forget the heat even in midsummer, so it’s crowded with people who come to play in the water during summer vacation. If you plan on playing in the water, bring your swimsuit and towel. There is also information that the quality of the water is not very good, so avoid drinking it or putting it in your mouth. There are also benches and tables near the waterfall, but there are no trash cans. Be sure to take your trash home with you.

There is also a small park above the waterfall, where many hikers seem to take a break. From the park, you can see the upper reaches of the Shukutani River and the surrounding mountains. The park also has restrooms and vending machines, but no restaurants. If you want to eat, it’s best to bring your own food or eat it at nearby Moroyama-cho or Higashi Moro Station.

Motorcycle parking lot at Shukuya Falls

At the entrance to Shukuya Falls, there is a small space to park your bike. However, since only a few cars can be parked, there may be no spaces available during busy times. In that case, you can park at a space along the forest road Yakuya Gongendo Line, which is a little far from the entrance. However, this space is also limited, so be careful not to block the entry and exit of other cars or motorcycles. Also, although there is no charge for either parking lot, they are not managed, so be sure to carry valuables with you or secure them with a lock.


This time, I went on a tour on a Harley Sports Glide to Shukutani Falls in Moroyama Town, Saitama Prefecture. Shukuya Falls is a small waterfall, but it is an attractive spot with a cool atmosphere and lush nature. You can enjoy playing in the water and having a picnic, but be careful of trash and water quality. The motorcycle parking lot has limited space, so there may be no spaces available during busy times. When parking your motorcycle, be sure not to obstruct the entry and exit of other cars or motorcycles.

Touring to Shukuya Falls is relatively close to the city center and easy to access, but there are many curves and slopes along the way, so you need to be careful when driving. Also, some areas have few restaurants or convenience stores, so it’s a good idea to prepare in advance. The Harley Sport Glide is equipped with removable fairings and saddlebags, making it easy and convenient to carry your belongings. In addition, with its powerful engine and comfortable suspension, it can handle a variety of road conditions. Recommended as an almighty bike.

The above was brought to you by _hiroyuki.ta. Next time we look forward to!

宿谷の滝(英語):Shukuya Falls