[Kanto day trip spot] [Tokyo] Bike trip to Tokyo Sky Tree! A solo trip on a Harley to Tokyo’s landmarks

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This time, we toured from Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture to Tokyo Skytree on his beloved Harley-Davidson FLSB Sports Glide.

Tokyo Skytree is the world’s tallest radio tower at 634 meters high and has become a new symbol of Tokyo. This time, we will introduce its charms, highlights, and information on motorcycle parking lots.


Route to Tokyo Skytree

From Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture to Tokyo Skytree, take the Nakasendo/National Route 17 and National Route 16 to the Tohoku Expressway, then take the Shuto Expressway Kawaguchi Line and the Shuto Expressway Chuo Loop Line to the Mukojima Line/Shito Expressway No. 6. It took about an hour to exit and walk along Sumizumi Dori/Tokyo Route 461.

There were many toll sections along the way, but the expressway was relatively empty and I was able to drive comfortably. However, the Metropolitan Expressway has many curves and branches, so you need to be careful.

Additionally, after getting off the Mukojima Line/Shuto Expressway No. 6, you may be stuck in traffic lights or traffic jams in the city, so we recommend leaving with plenty of time to spare.

Highlights of Tokyo Skytree


Tokyo Skytree has various attractions. First, there is the observation deck. There are two observation decks: the Tembo Deck'' at a height of 350 meters and theTembo Galleria” at a height of 450 meters. You can enjoy 360 degree panoramic views from the observatory deck. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji and the Boso Peninsula. There is also a Skywalk'' with a glass floor, andSorakara Point” where you can see the night view. At the Tembo Galleria, you can enjoy views of Tokyo from an even higher vantage point. The night view of the illuminated Sky Tree and the city center is especially spectacular from dusk to night.

In addition to the observatory, there are many other facilities at Tokyo Skytree that you can enjoy. For example, at Sumida Aquarium, you can see about 10,000 marine creatures. There are also penguin and sea lion shows and feeding experiences. At Konica Minolta Planetarium ‘Tenku’ in Tokyo Skytree Town, you can enjoy starry skies and images created using the latest technology. At “Pokémon Official Shop Pokémon Center Sky Tree Town,” you can purchase Pokémon goods and limited edition products. At the “Tobu Railway Observation Deck Gallery”, you can see the history of Tobu Railway and the exhibition of vehicles.

Tokyo Skytree motorcycle parking lot


Tokyo Sky Tree has a bicycle parking lot where you can use bicycles and motorbikes.

There are two bicycle parking lots, the east bicycle parking lot and the west bicycle parking lot, with spaces for bicycles and motorcycles on the west side.

Space for motorcycles is divided into two types: motorcycles and mopeds. Usage hours are 7:30-23:00 (entry until 22:00), and the first two hours are free. After that, the fee for motorcycles will be 300 yen per hour, and the fee for mopeds will be 200 yen per hour. Also, depending on the size, you may need to use a multi-storey parking lot.

In that case, the fee will be the same as for a car. Please see here for the detail.


This time, I toured from Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture to Tokyo Skytree on a Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide.

Tokyo Skytree is not only the world’s tallest radio tower, but also has a wealth of facilities such as an observation deck, an aquarium, and a planetarium, making it a sightseeing spot that you can enjoy all day long.

If you go by motorcycle, you will need to be careful of traffic congestion in toll areas and in the city area, but the scenery and night view from a higher position is exceptional. There are also many souvenirs exclusive to Tokyo Skytree, so be sure to check them out.

I bought things like “Tokyo Campanella Tree Bar Tokyo Solamachi” and “Funabashiya Ganso Kuzumochi” before heading home. Tokyo Skytree is also a recommended tourist destination for bikers.