[Kanto walking tour] [Tokyo] 2k540 Go to AKI-OKA ARTISAN by bike! I looked for a motorcycle parking lot in Ueno!


What is Ueno, Tokyo 2k540?

2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN is a commercial facility operated by JR East Urban Development under the elevated railway tracks between Akihabara Station and Okachimachi Station on the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) Yamanote Line and Keihin Tohoku Line. facility.


2k540, located in Ueno, Tokyo, is a commercial facility lined with artisanal shops, as the name “ARTISAN” suggests, and is run by artisanal creators.

2k540’s stores are mainly shops with ateliers and workshops, and there are also shops where you can experience “manufacturing”.

2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN shop category


There are shops set up here, with many wonderful items made by artisans.

  • jewelry
  • accessories
  • leather products
  • fashion
  • cafe restaurant etc.

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2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN has two free motorcycle parking spaces.

Harley Ultras and other bikes are larger than the bicycle parking lot, so if you are riding an Ultra, I think it would be best to use a nearby paid bicycle parking lot.

The Softail size is just the limit, and the Sportster size has a little bit of room, but even if you overdo it and damage the bike, your touring will be ruined, so like the Ultra, use a nearby paid bicycle parking lot. It seems wise to do so.

There is plenty of space for two sportster-sized bikes in the free bicycle parking lot, but there are many visitors on weekends and holidays, and the competition for bicycle parking spots is high. When using the bicycle parking lot, we recommend that you arrive early to check the bicycle parking lot.