[Kanto scenic tour] [Tochigi Prefecture] Bike trip to Oshiraji Falls! Blue water surface and mysterious power spot solo trip

Oshiraji Falls, a mysterious power spot with a clear blue waterfall basin

It is a place only known to those in the know, and can be said to be a power spot for adventurers and explorers who like unexplored areas.


What is Oshiraji Falls?

“Shiraji” means a pot. Usually, there is little water in the stream, so you cannot see the waterfall flowing, but the clear blue basin of the waterfall never dries up and stands quietly in the middle of nature.

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矢板市 矢板 観光 自然 秘境 おしらじの滝

Oshiraji Falls, located in Yaita City, Tochigi Prefecture, is a spot known only to those in the know.

I also stopped by this place while touring, and you can see the beautiful blue basin of the waterfall.

Since it is a secret place, there are not many tourists, so you can enjoy the refreshing atmosphere and soak up the negative ions of nature.

Can you go to Oshiraji Falls by bike?

Oshiraji Falls can be reached by bike.

To get to the waterfall, park your bike in a nearby parking space and walk along the forest road for a while.

After about 10 minutes of walking down from the parking lot, you will see a blue waterfall basin.

Things to note about Oshiraji Falls

There is no reception for smartphones in the area down from the parking lot, so be careful not to slip and get injured. Although there are some stairs, etc., it may be a little difficult for elderly people or people with disabilities, so please be careful when visiting.

Bears may also appear, so be sure to bring a bell amulet to protect you from bears.

Video of water flowing into the basin of Oshiraji Falls

When I visited Oshiraji Falls, it was the day after bad weather, and the water was rushing into the waterfall basin.

I recorded the event on video, so please take a look if you like.