[Kanto day trip] [Saitama Prefecture] Bike trip to Shotengu Shrine, where 5,000 dragons rise! Art and power spot solo trip


What is Shotengu where 5,000 dragons rise?

Shengtian Temple, where 5,000 dragons rise, is a Taoist temple in Taiwan and China.

The gorgeous appearance that suddenly appears on the side of the road in Saitama Prefecture is eye-opening.

The beautiful coloring and vibrant design catch the attention of passersby, giving it an attractive appearance.

When you look inside the shrine, you will be surrounded by an artistic atmosphere with vermilion pillars and detailed carvings.

The charm of Seitengu where 5,000 dragons rise


In my opinion as a biker, if you take a photo of your bike with the Seitengu building in the background, you will not be able to believe that it was taken in Japan, and you will have a special way of enjoying the photo.

If you are driving, it may be difficult to take photos as the flowerbeds are barricaded, but if you are riding a motorcycle, you can take beautiful photos from the parking lot if you are careful about the angle.

Entrance fee to Shotengu Shrine where 5,000 dragons rise

It is introduced on the official website, so please take a look here.

You can also use JAF discounts, so if you are a member of the JAF membership, you can get admission at a slightly better price if you present it at the reception.

Access to Seitengu where 5,000 dragons rise

Seitengu Shrine, where 5,000 dragons rise, has a free parking lot to the right of the main entrance, so you can park your car or motorcycle there. The ground is asphalt, so motorbikes can park safely.