[Tohoku sightseeing tour] [Fukushima Prefecture] Bike trip to Ouchi-juku! Nostalgic and Instagrammable solo trip

Ouchi-juku in Minamiaizu, Fukushima Prefecture

It is a charming post town with a nostalgic feel, with rows of thatched houses lined up along the old road in the countryside.

I visited Ouchi-juku in Fukushima Prefecture, so I would like to introduce its charms.


History of Ouchi-juku

Ouchi-juku was established around 1643 as the third inn station from Aizu Castle. Ouchi-juku was located relatively close to Tsuruga Castle, about 20 km, so for a time Ouchi-juku developed into a lively post town, with accommodation facilities such as “Honjin” built for feudal lords and others.

However, in the Meiji period, with the opening of the Shin-Nikko Kaido (currently National Route 121), the town went into decline as a post town and turned into a farming village. Human traffic with the outside world was cut off, and people forgot about it.


Ouchi-juku is now one of Fukushima Prefecture’s representative tourist destinations, but its history has never been smooth sailing due to the influence of changing times, seismic activity, and war. Not that there are.

Ouchi-juku, which has become a hot topic on Instagram and social media and is visited by many tourists and customers, is an important place where you can feel history and nostalgia.

What are your thoughts on visiting Ouchi-juku?

It is a place where you can feel the nostalgic charm of the rows of thatched houses.

You can enjoy a leisurely stroll while sightseeing around the town, enjoy some delicious sweets at a sweets shop next to the private houses, or fill your stomach with delicious soba noodles.

Along the road, there are decorations that give a sense of hospitality and playfulness.

Personally, I feel like I would like to visit each season and enjoy Ouchi-juku as it changes from season to season.

Can you go to Ouchi-juku by bike?

Ouchi-juku can be reached by bike.

There is a parking lot for motorcycles near Ouchi-juku, and during the season, a security guard will guide you to the parking lot.

In addition to motorcycles, there are also many people who visit by car, so you may want to be prepared for some traffic jams before dropping off your motorcycle.

There was no parking fee and I was able to park for free.

If you park your bike too far in the back, the front of the park will slope downwards, so if you are visiting with a large bike like a Harley, be careful not to get stuck.

There were several people who were actually addicted to it and were excited about it.

Ouchi-juku climate

Ouchi-juku is located in a basin surrounded by the Ou Mountains. Summers are hot due to the Fohn phenomenon, and winters are heavy with snow.