[Recommended Touring Spot] [Yamanashi Prefecture] Bike trip to Ecopa Lake Inaga and Galaxy Railway Observation Park! Solo Harley trip to places rich in nature

Hello, I’m _hiroyuki.ta, a solo travel blogger who loves motorcycles.

This time, I would like to share with you the details of my touring trip from central Tokyo to Ecopa Inagako and Galaxy Railway Observation Park.

Yamanashi Prefecture, which I often introduce on this blog, is a place rich in nature and perfect for riding motorcycles.

In particular, Ecopa Lake Inaga, which is part of the Southern Alps UNESCO Eco Park, is a wonderful spot where you can camp and experience nature in the forest or lakeside.

Also, the Galaxy Railway Observation Park is a romantic place where the Chuo Line trains look like the Galaxy Railway at night. Additionally, there are sacred sites nearby that are a must-see for anime fans. Now, let’s introduce it in detail.


From Tokyo to Ecopa Inagako

The distance from Chuo Ward, Tokyo to Ecopa Inagako is approximately 150 kilometers. I arrived there in about two and a half hours using the Chuo Expressway. Along the way, I enjoyed the scenery of Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps. However, please be careful of traffic jams and accidents.

Ecopa Inagako is located in Miyakubo, Hosaka-cho, Nirasaki City. It takes about 5 minutes from the Chuo Expressway Nirasaki IC. Ecopa Inagako is a facility that was renovated and opened in 2018, and is a “forest where you can experience the Southern Alps UNESCO Eco Park” where programs and events are held where you can have fun while learning. There are 5 cottages, some for 6 people and some for 10 people.

Camping and nature experience at Ecopa Lake Inaga

At Ecopa Lake Inaga, you can enjoy camping and nature experiences. Nature classes have a variety of programs depending on the season and theme. This program offers a wonderful time where you can enjoy nature with all five senses, such as chatting around a bonfire and enjoying roasted marshmallows and drip coffee, the warmth and scent of the bonfire, the greenery of the trees, and the chirping of birds. Masu.

Ecopa Inagako also has a facility called the Forest Science Museum. Here, you can find exhibits and experiences to learn about the nature and creatures of the Southern Alps. This is held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and you can make bird calls, pendants, etc. using nuts and branches. It seems that you can also make bird calls. If you try to imitate bird calls with your own bird calls, you might hear a real bird respond.

Enjoy the night view and anime sacred site at Galaxy Railway Observation Park

There is a place called Galaxy Railway Observation Park about 10 minutes by bike from Ecopa Inagako. This is a small observation park that offers a panoramic view of mountains such as Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps, as well as Nirasaki City. At night, the lights of the JR Chuo Line train passing through Shichiri Rock look like the Galaxy Express, making it a romantic place. If you visit in the evening and stay until sunset, you can enjoy the magical sight of the sky gradually darkening and the flashing lights of the trains. At night, not only does the Chuo Line look like the Galaxy Express, but the city lights are also beautiful.

This park is also an interesting place for anime fans. This is because this park is one of the settings for “Yuru Camp△”. “Yuru Camp△” is a popular anime depicting the daily lives of high school girls who enjoy camping, and is mainly set in Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures. In this park, life-size panels and signboards of characters appearing in “Yuru Camp△” are installed. I also watched all episodes of Yuru Camp △ as an anime, but I enjoyed it even more when I read the explanations written on the signboards and compared them with scenes from the anime.

Motorcycle parking information

At Ecopa Inagako, you can park your motorcycle for free if you stay at Green Lodge or Wood Village. Kita Inaga Lake Waterside Park also has an auto campground and BBQ site, where you can park your motorcycle for a fee. The fee is 300 yen per car.

You can park your motorcycle for free at Galaxy Railway Observation Park. However, the parking lot is small and can only accommodate a few cars. Also, please be careful as the road is narrow and has many curves.