[Camping Touring] [Yamanashi Prefecture] Bike trip to Oyanagawa Keiryu Park Campsite! Canto Report at Free Campsite

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.

This time, I went on a tour to Oyanagawa Keiryu Park Campground in Yamanashi with my beloved Harley FLSB Sports Glide. I would like to enjoy the charm of nature and motorcycles in a hidden area surrounded by mountains and mountain streams.


Departure point: Central Tokyo

This time we started from central Tokyo. It takes about 2 hours to get from central Tokyo to Yamanashi using the Shuto Expressway or the Chuo Expressway. However, I prefer driving on local roads rather than expressways, so this time I headed to my destination via mountain roads such as National Route 358 and the Fuefuki Line. This route is recommended for motorcycle enthusiasts as it is scenic and rewarding.

Destination: Oyanagawa Keiryu Park Campsite

Oyanagawa Keiryu Park Campsite is a free campsite located in Juya, Fujikawa-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture. This place is built along the valley of the Oyanagawa River and has a promenade. Walking along the promenade, you will come across 10 suspension bridges of various sizes and 5 waterfalls. There is also an observation deck and rest area near the waterfall.

The campsite itself has a stream running through it, so you can play in the water. There is also a bonfire stand and BBQ site. However, please note that water and toilets are not available during the winter. Since I went in winter, I prepared water and food in advance and brought them with me. Also, since there is a possibility of wild animals coming out, we carefully managed food and garbage.

Impressions of camping touring

I enjoyed a camping trip for 3 days and 2 nights. This campground is not popular, so there were only a few other family campers besides me. Therefore, we were able to enjoy nature in peace. At night, the starry sky was very beautiful. I felt soothed by watching the stars while making a bonfire.

Information on nearby motorcycle parking lots

There is a parking lot at the campground, but it may be closed during the winter. In that case, you can park your bike along the road at the entrance to the campsite. However, the road is narrow and has many curves, so please park carefully. There is also a parking lot at a hot spring facility called Kajika no Yu, which is located a little far from the campsite. This campsite is also friendly to campground users and allows them to use the water and restrooms. I took a hot spring here to refresh myself.


This time, I went to Oyanagawa Keiryu Park Campsite to enjoy camping touring in Yamanashi. This campsite is a quiet, hidden area rich in nature. There are also attractions such as waterfalls and suspension bridges. There are many mountain roads where you can ride a bike comfortably. If you want to go on a camping trip in Yamanashi, please try this campsite. See you in the next article. It was _hiroyuki.ta.