[Kanto one-day scenic tour] [Yamanashi Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Shosenkyo! A solo trip to a power spot surrounded by strangely shaped rocks


What is Shosenkyo in Yamanashi Prefecture?


Mitake Shosenkyo is a valley located in the northern part of Kofu City. It has been designated as a national special place of scenic beauty and is said to be “the most beautiful valley in Japan.” You can see granite cliffs carved out over a long period of time, strangely shaped rocks, and clear, abundant water flowing through the valley.The promenade along the valley allows you to get up close to the beauty of the valley, which changes with the seasons. You can enjoy it.


Shosenkyo Gorge, located in the northern part of Yamanashi Prefecture, is famous as the largest valley in Japan and is a popular tourist destination during your trip.

Travelers will enjoy the colorful scenery of each season, with cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, and autumn leaves in autumn.

There are well-maintained sidewalks within Shosenkyo, making it easy to walk and enjoy a relaxing time in the midst of wonderful nature.

The rugged and rugged cliffs and strangely shaped rocks have an overwhelming presence.

Shosenkyo ropeway and the summit of Mt. Yasaburo


You can reach the top of Mt. Yasaburo by climbing the mountain path from the Shosenkyo Ropeway.

The top of Mt. Yasaburo is a large monolith that is a power spot with a spectacular 360-degree view.

Shosenkyo Gorge and Senga Falls


Xian’e Falls: The name of the waterfall, “Xian’e”, refers to Chang’e, a woman who appeared in Chinese mythology and went to the moon. It is located in the innermost part of Shosenkyo Gorge, one of Yamanashi Prefecture’s most representative scenic spots, upstream of the Arakawa River in the Fuji River system. This waterfall was created by a fault caused by tectonic movement, and the waterfall is 30m high as it falls while cutting into the granite rock surface.


If you head towards the back of Shosenkyo Gorge, you can see wonderfully shaped rocks and rock faces as you head toward Senga Falls.

Senga Falls is a spectacular waterfall with a height of about 30 meters, and is a spot where you can feel the power of nature and the soothing effects of negative ions.

It is a popular spot for visitors to Shosenkyo Gorge, and there is a viewing area in front of the waterfall, which is crowded with tourists taking photos.

Going from Shosenkyo to Senga Falls requires you to use your legs and hips, so it may be effective for relieving lack of exercise.

Shosenkyo Gorge and increase your financial luck


This shrine is dedicated to Mt. Kinpu, which is located at the top of Shosenkyo Gorge, a scenic spot in Kofu.

During the reign of the 10th Emperor Sujin (approximately 2,000 years ago), when epidemics spread throughout the country, deities were enshrined in various countries to pray for the expulsion of the plague and good health for all people, and in the province of Kai, a deity was enshrined at the top of Mt. Our company’s origins date back to the time when we enshrined Sukunahikona no Mikoto.

Therefore, there is a main shrine at the top of Mt. Kinpu, and our company is considered a satomiya. The sacred treasures are the crystal balls of fire and balls of water'' that were excavated and polished in this area, and the main shrine was destroyed by a great fire in 1955, but later the restoredRising and Descending Dragons” were dedicated. Both of them have deep crystals intertwined in their tails. The sacred tree Kanazakura'' (the type is Utsukinzakura), which is the origin of our company's name, has been revered asKanazakura, the tree of money”, which has been sung in folk songs since ancient times. From late April to early May, the pale golden flowers are in full bloom, and it is said throughout the country that if you worship the cherry blossoms and receive the crystal amulet during this season, you will be blessed with financial luck for the rest of your life and receive the divine virtue of resolving misfortune. It is crowded with worshipers from all over the world.


As you climb up Shosenkyo Gorge, you will find a shrine called Kanazakura Shrine, which is said to improve your financial luck.

It is famous as a sacred place for mountain worshipers, and the object of worship is Mt. Kinpu, and within the precincts of the shrine is the sacred tree, the Kinzakura, which is famous as a money tree, so it is worth a visit.

Access to Shosenkyo

Can you go to Shosenkyo by Harley?


You can go to Shosenkyo by Harley.

Many people ride their motorcycles into Shosenkyo for photography purposes, but we recommend parking your motorcycle at the prefectural free parking lot at the entrance of Shosenkyo and exploring Shosenkyo.

There are many tourists in Shosenkyo, so you can expect it to be difficult to move around even on a motorbike, so I think it’s best to avoid regretting it later.