[Kanto day trip] [Saitama Prefecture] Motorcycle trip to Yoshimi Hyakana! A solo trip through the country’s historic sites and 1,400 years of history

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I toured by motorcycle from central Tokyo to Yoshimi Hyakana in Saitama Prefecture. I would like to introduce what kind of place Yoshimi Hyakana is, how to get there, and what kind of charm it has.


What is Yoshimi Hyakana?


Yoshimi Hyakana is a group of artificial caves from the Kofun period located in Yoshimi Town, Hiki District, Saitama Prefecture. It is thought to have been built approximately 1,400 years ago and is designated as a national historic site. As the name suggests, there are over 100 holes dug into the rocky mountain, each with its own unique shape and size. Some of the holes are over 3 meters high. Yoshimi Hyakana is a place where there are still many mysteries as to why people built it at the time. There are various theories such as graves, residences, rituals, and defense, but nothing is known for sure. For this reason, Yoshimi Hyakana has become an attractive spot for history buffs and exploration enthusiasts.

Route to Yoshimi Hyakana

This time, we toured by motorcycle from central Tokyo to Yoshimi Hyakana. My favorite car is a Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide. This bike is a model that combines a powerful engine and a comfortable ride. Also ideal for long touring.

The starting point is Chuo Ward. From here, take the Shuto Expressway Inner Loop Line and take the Shuto Expressway No. 5 Ikebukuro Line at Takebashi JCT. Continue on the Shuto Expressway No. 5 Ikebukuro Line and enter the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway at Bijogi JCT. Drive on the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway and enter the Kanetsu Expressway at Oizumi JCT. Drive on the Kanetsu Expressway and exit at Higashimatsuyama IC.

From Higashimatsuyama IC, take Prefectural Route 47 towards Yoshimi Town. Along the way, you will pass through Prefectural Route 41 and Prefectural Route 66. This area is a peaceful area with a rural landscape. It feels good to ride a bike.

As soon as you enter Yoshimi Town, you will immediately see the Yoshimi Hyakana signboard. It’s almost time to reach the destination. When you arrive at the foot of the rocky mountain, there is a parking lot. Park your bike here and walk to Yoshimi Hyakana.

Highlights of Yoshimi Hyakuana


It takes about 10 minutes on foot from the parking lot to Yoshimi Hyakana. There are some stairs and slopes along the way, but they are not too difficult. However, it can get hot in the summer, so don’t forget to stay hydrated and take sun protection.

When you arrive at Yoshimi Hyakana, the first thing that catches your eye is the sight of countless holes in the rocky mountain. This alone is impressive, but what’s even more amazing is that you can put it inside that hole. At Yoshimi Hyakana, some of the holes are off-limits, but many can be viewed freely. However, the inside of the hole is dark and narrow, so you will need to be prepared with a flashlight, helmet, etc. Also, be careful as there are bats and insects inside the hole.

When you step inside Yoshimi Hyakana, you will feel as if you have wandered into another world. It’s exciting just to imagine what the people of the time were thinking when they created Yoshimi Hyakana. It is a valuable experience that allows you to come into contact with ancient mysteries. It actually looks like an ancient tomb.

Yoshimi Hyakana Motorcycle Parking Lot

When going to Yoshimi Hyakana, we recommend that you check in advance where you can park your bike. There is a free parking lot near Yoshimi Hyakana, but the number of spaces is limited. Also, be aware that it is often crowded on weekends and holidays. If the parking lot is full, you can use nearby coin parking or shops, but be sure to check prices and business hours.


This time, I toured by motorcycle from central Tokyo to Yoshimi Hyakana in Saitama Prefecture. Yoshimi Hyakana is a group of man-made caves dating from the Kofun period, and is a spot that not only has historical value but is also fun to explore. If you are going by bike, it is important to check the parking lot and road conditions in advance. Yoshimi Hyakana is a famous tourist destination in Saitama Prefecture, but there are still many unknown charms. Please come and visit us at least once.