[Gourmet Touring] [Yamanashi Prefecture] Bike trip to Kanjukuya! A Harley trip to eat hoto via Okutama

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.

This time, I went on a tour around gourmet spots in Yamanashi Prefecture on a Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide. Speaking of Yamanashi Prefecture, it is famous for fruits such as grapes and peaches, and local dishes such as hoto and ozara, but there are many other attractive foods as well. This time, I would like to introduce some particularly recommended spots.


Enjoy the spectacular view at Lake Okutama

The starting point is Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Drive on the Shuto Expressway and head toward Okutama. Okutama is close to Tokyo and easy to access, yet is a place rich in nature and refreshing. Lake Okutama in particular is an artificial lake created by Ogouchi Dam, and the scenery of the mountains and sky reflected in the water is beautiful.

We arrived at Lake Okutama and first took a break by the lake.

Park your bike and take a walk around the lake or sit on a bench and admire the view.

Although the weather was cloudy, the water in the lake was blue and clear, and the air was refreshing. Birds and fish sometimes appear. Lake Okutama is a place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and become one with nature.

At Lake Okutama, there is also a motorcycle parking lot, so you can park your bike with peace of mind.

There is a restaurant inside the facility called “Okutama Water and Green Fureaikan,” so you can eat there.

Enjoy Houto and fruits at Kanjukuya in Yamanashi Prefecture

From Lake Okutama, take National Route 411 towards Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Koshu City is a particularly fruit-producing area in Yamanashi Prefecture, producing not only grapes and peaches, but also specialty fruits such as nectarines and quinces.

When you enter Koshu City, stop by a shop called “Yamanashi Koshu Hotou Kanjukuya”. Here you can eat hoto, a typical local dish of Yamanashi Prefecture. Houto is noodles made from flour kneaded into flat pieces and simmered in miso soup with vegetables such as pumpkin and potatoes. At Kanjukuya, you can enjoy hoto made using homemade miso and vegetables from our own farm. The noodles are chewy and filling, and the miso soup is rich and warming. The vegetables are also sweet and delicious.

In addition to hoto, Kanjukuya also offers desserts and juices made with fruits from their own farm.

Kanjukuya has a parking lot where you can park your motorcycle, but there are only a few, so we recommend calling ahead to confirm.


This time, I went on a tour around Yamanashi Prefecture’s gourmet spots. After admiring the spectacular view at Lake Okutama, we enjoyed hot and fruits in Koshu City. Yamanashi Prefecture is home not only to nature and food, but also to anime sacred sites, making it the perfect place for biking. Please come and visit Yamanashi Prefecture for touring.