[Kanto Nostalgia Touring] [Tochigi Prefecture] Bike trip to Yumoto Shiobara! Solo trip to a healing hot spring where you can feel the Edo period

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta. This time, I took a motorcycle tour from central Tokyo to Yumoto-Shiobara, a hot spring area in Tochigi Prefecture. I drove about 200km on my favorite Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide. On the way, I used the Shuto Expressway and the Tohoku Expressway, and it was a comfortable ride with no traffic jams. Yumoto-Shiobara is a hot spring village located deep within Nasu-Shiobara City, and is famous for its sulfur springs and cloudy hot springs. There are many things to see, such as the rich natural scenery and historic hot springs. This time, I would like to introduce the charm of Yumoto-Shiobara and the touring experience.


What is Yumoto Shiobara?


Yumoto Shiobara is a hot spring resort located in Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture. It is located on the south side of the Nasu Plateau and spreads out at the foot of the Nasu Mountain Range. The altitude is approximately 800m, and it is cool in the summer and sometimes snowy in the winter. Yumoto Shiobara has a long history and is said to have been opened by Kukai (Kobo Daishi) during the Heian period. Later, during the Edo period, it became known as a place where shoguns and feudal lords such as Tokugawa Ieyasu and Tokugawa Yoshimune visited the hot springs. Even now, many inns and guesthouses are open, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of good old Japan.

Route to Yumoto Shiobara

The distance from central Tokyo to Yumoto-Shiobara is approximately 200 km. This time, I took the Tohoku Expressway from Shuto Expressway Route 6 and got off at Nishinasuno-Shiobara IC. After that, I headed north on National Route 400 and entered the Momomiji Line (Prefectural Route 19). The Momiji Line is a road known as a famous spot for viewing autumn leaves, and is a rewarding ride with many curves and hills. However, please note that the road may be closed in winter due to snow or ice, so please be careful. As you drive along the Momiji Line, you will see the entrance to Yumoto Shiobara on your left. After a short distance from there, you will arrive at your destination.

Highlights of Yumoto Shiobara


There are many other attractions near Yumoto Shiobara other than hot springs.

For example, there are tourist attractions such as:

  • Kajiwara no Yu: The oldest hot spring source in Yumoto Shiobara, said to have been discovered by Kukai. The muddy spring water is also drinkable.
  • Kobo no Yu: A rare geyser in Japan that erupts every 30 minutes. It has a strong sulfur smell and is highly effective.
  • Motoyu Onsen Shrine: This shrine is said to have been built by Kukai and is dedicated to the god of hot springs. The Ancient Ceremony Hot Spring Festival is held every October.
  • Akagawa Valley: A valley that flows through the center of Yumoto-Shiobara, where you can enjoy the scenery of each season. There are promenades and suspension bridges.
  • Nasu Senbonmatsu Ranch: A ranch located about 20 minutes by car from Yumoto-Shiobara, where you can interact with animals such as dairy cows and sheep, and enjoy horseback riding and barbecues. The farm’s shop sells specialty products such as fresh milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Yumoto Shiobara motorcycle parking lot

There are several motorcycle parking lots in Yumoto-Shiobara, but we recommend making reservations through akippa etc. The average price is about 30 yen for 15 minutes.

In addition, if you are staying overnight, you may be able to park your motorcycle at your accommodation or nearby Times, but as this is a tourist spot, there is no guarantee that you will be able to park, so you may have to decide which parking option to use depending on the season and your plans. I highly recommend it.

  • Motoyu Ebisuya: Yumoto Shiobara’s oldest inn, with murky hot springs and geysers. Free motorcycle parking is available on site.


This time, I went on a motorcycle tour from Tokyo to Yumoto-Shiobara. I drove about 200km, but it was a comfortable ride with no traffic jams. Yumoto Shiobara is a hot spring area where you can enjoy not only hot springs but also nature and history. We experienced rare hot springs such as muddy hot springs and geysers, and toured scenic spots such as Akagawa Valley and Nasu Senbonmatsu Farm. There are several motorcycle parking lots, but it’s best to check in advance. Yumoto Shiobara is a recommended spot for motorcycle touring.