[Kanto Touring Spot] [Kanagawa Prefecture] Bike trip to Lake Miyagase! Solo Harley trip to enjoy nature and leisure

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.
This time, I went on a motorcycle tour from central Tokyo to Lake Miyagase in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Lake Miyagase is an artificial lake created by the Miyagase Dam in Higashi-Tanzawa, and is popular not only as a water source but also as a spot where you can enjoy nature and leisure.
This time I would like to introduce its charm.


Route to Lake Miyagase

To get to Lake Miyagase, take Shuto Expressway Route 6, take the City Loop Line, and the Shinjuku Line, then enter the Chuo Expressway.
Transfer to Ken-o Expressway at Hachioji JCT and exit at Sagamihara IC.
From there, proceed west on National Route 412, turn right at the Miyagase Dam entrance, and enter Prefectural Route 510.
On the way, you will pass through Nirayone Tunnel and Aoyama Tunnel, but be careful as the temperature inside the tunnels will be low.
As soon as you exit Aoyama Tunnel, you can see Lake Miyagase.

Although this route requires a long drive on the expressway and is expensive, it is relatively quick and takes about an hour and a half.
Also, the Chuo Expressway and Ken-O Expressway have beautiful scenery, and riding a bike is a great experience.
However, on holidays and during rush hours, you may get stuck in traffic, so we recommend checking the traffic information in advance.

Highlights of Lake Miyagase


When you arrive at Lake Miyagase, the first thing that catches your eye is the dam.
Miyagase Dam is a huge concrete dam with a height of 156m and a crest length of approximately 400m, making it one of the largest in Japan.
From the dam site, you can enjoy spectacular views of the lake and mountains.
The dam site also has a free exhibition facility called the Water and Energy Museum.
Here you can learn about how dams work and how hydroelectric power generation works.
You can also descend downstream from the dam site using an inclined elevator called an incline.
On the downstream side, there is a vast park called Prefectural Aikawa Park.
Here you can play on the lawn and play equipment, and enjoy a barbecue.

At Lake Miyagase, you can also take a tour around the lake on a sightseeing boat.
The sightseeing boat departs from the dam site and takes about 40 minutes to the Toriihara area.
Along the way, you will pass through bridges such as Niji-no-Ohashi Bridge and Mabiko Ohashi Bridge, as well as tunnels such as Nirayone Tunnel and Aoyama Tunnel.
You can enjoy the beauty of Lake Miyagase from a different angle than the view from the lakeside.

There is a plaza called Miyagase Lakeside Park on the shore of Lake Miyagase.
Here you can relax with a view of the lake and enjoy activities such as canoeing and cycling.
There is also a facility called Miyagase Yamanami Center in Miyagase Lakeside Park.
Here you will find exhibits about the history and nature of Lake Miyagase, as well as special products and souvenirs from Lake Miyagase.
Specialties of Lake Miyagase include Kiyokawa Keisui Pork'' andEggs” produced in Kiyokawa Village, and Local Sake'' brewed in Aikawa Town. These specialty products are promoted both within and outside the region as the Miyagase brand. At the Miyagase Yamanami Center, we also sell local sweets calledMiyagase Wafin” made with these special products.
Japanese fin is a type of pancake that originated in Finland and is baked using rice flour or wheat flour.
Miyagase Japanese fins come in many variations, including those topped with Kiyokawa Keisui pork bacon and eggs, and those topped with sauce made with local sake.
Please try once.

Motorcycle parking lot at Lake Miyagase


There are several motorcycle parking lots around Lake Miyagase, but this time we used the Mizunosato parking lot.
The Mizunosato parking lot is located near Miyagase Lakeside Park, and motorcycles can use it free of charge.

From the parking lot, you can easily see the Mizusato Otsuri Bridge and the Mizusato Community Center.
Mizunosato Otsuri Bridge is a suspension bridge that allows you to enjoy Lake Miyagase 360 degrees, and is approximately 200 meters long.
The Mizunosato Exchange Center is a facility with a restaurant and a shop, and you can also see a panoramic view of Lake Miyagase from here.
The Mizunosato parking lot is within walking distance to the sightseeing boat pier.


This time, I went on a motorcycle tour from central Tokyo to Lake Miyagase in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Lake Miyagase is a diverse spot where you can enjoy not only the dam and nature, but also sightseeing boats, activities, local products, and sweets.
The appearance changes depending on the season, so you’ll want to visit again and again.
When going by bike, be careful of traffic jams and the temperature inside the tunnel.
Next time, I toured Lake Miyagase using a different route and season.
When I go to Lake Miyagase, I would like to try a different route and season.
Lake Miyagase can be enjoyed all year round, but the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are especially beautiful in spring and autumn.
Also, in winter, you can see snowy scenery and sub-zero dam discharge.
If you want to know more about the charms of Lake Miyagase, please check out the website of the Lake Miyagase Tourism Association.

This time, I wrote an article about touring by motorcycle from central Tokyo to Lake Miyagase in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Everyone, please come and visit Lake Miyagase by bike.
Well then, it was _hiroyuki.ta.
Please look forward to the next article.