[Kanto scenic tour] [Tokyo] Bike trip to Tokyo Sky Tree! Solo Harley trip around Japan’s landmarks

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.
This time, I took a motorcycle tour from Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture to Tokyo Skytree.
Tokyo Skytree is an observation tower that is famous as a landmark in Japan, but what is it like to go there by bike? I would like to introduce my experience.


What is Tokyo Sky Tree?


Tokyo Skytree is a 634 meter tall observation tower located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo.
It opened in 2012 and is currently recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower.
Tokyo Skytree has observation decks at 350 meters and 450 meters above ground, and if the weather is nice, you can see spectacular views of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Tower.
Additionally, there is a glass section on the floor of the observation deck, so looking down is thrilling.
In addition to the observation deck, Tokyo Skytree is also full of facilities such as restaurants, shops, an aquarium, and a planetarium, so you can enjoy it all day long.

Route to Tokyo Skytree


The distance from Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture to Tokyo Skytree is approximately 45 kilometers, and the journey time is approximately one and a half hours.
I set out on my beloved Harley-Davidson FLSB Sport Glide.

The route from Ageo City to Tokyo Skytree mainly used National Route 17, National Route 16, Tohoku Expressway, and Metropolitan Expressway.
National Routes 17 and 16 have relatively heavy traffic in Saitama Prefecture, and there are many traffic lights, so be careful.
However, along the way you will be able to see lush countryside and historic buildings, making it a feast for the eyes.
For example, Omiya Shrine, located along National Route 16, is the oldest shrine in Saitama Prefecture and is known as Musashi Ichinomiya.
Kawagoe City, located along National Route 17, is a city that retains the atmosphere of the Edo period, so much so that it has been nicknamed “Little Edo,” and is home to tourist spots such as Toki no Kane and Kashiya Yokocho.

The Tohoku Expressway and the Shuto Expressway are fast and smooth, but they come with a toll fee.
Also, the Metropolitan Expressway has many branches and exits, so it’s easy to get lost, so it’s important to check your navigation while driving.
I entered the Shuto Expressway Kawaguchi Line from the Tohoku Expressway, via the Shuto Expressway Chuo Loop Line, and then onto Shuto Expressway 6.
Shuto Expressway No. 6 has many bridges that cross the Sumida River and Arakawa River, so you can enjoy the waterside scenery.
The view of Sky Tree from Ogi Ohashi Bridge is especially impressive.
I got off the Shuto Expressway No. 6 at the Mukojima exit and arrived at Tokyo Sky Tree via Sumizumi-dori and Sakurabashi-dori.

Highlights of Tokyo Skytree


When you arrive at Tokyo Sky Tree, let’s first go to the observation deck.
The observatory has an observatory deck 350 meters above the ground and an observatory gallery 450 meters above the ground.
You can enjoy 360 degree panoramic views from the observatory deck.
If the weather is good, you can see distant views of Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Bay, and the Boso Peninsula.
Additionally, there is a glass section on the floor of the observatory deck, making it thrilling to look down.
I mustered up the courage to step out, but it was quite scary.

You can enjoy the view from even higher up in the Tembo Galleria.
The observatory gallery is divided into an outside and an inside, and the outside is slanted, making it feel like you are walking in the air.
Inside, you can see the night view of Tokyo lit up at night.
I went during the day, so I couldn’t see the night view, but I was still impressed.


In addition to the observatory, there are many other facilities at Tokyo Skytree that you can enjoy.
For example, in the aquarium you can see about 10,000 marine creatures.
The aquarium’s theme is Waterside Stories,'' and it introduces aquatic ecosystems from all over Japan and around the world. Of particular note is theMarine Life Aquarium,” where marine mammals such as penguins and sea lions and fish swim together.
In this aquarium, you can see different types of creatures living together in harmony.

In addition to the aquarium, Tokyo Skytree also has other facilities such as a planetarium and a museum.
At the planetarium, you can see the beautiful starry sky using the latest projection technology.
At the museum, you can see exhibits about Tokyo’s history and culture.
I wasn’t able to visit these facilities due to lack of time, but I would definitely like to visit them next time.

Tokyo Skytree motorcycle parking lot


Tokyo Skytree has its own motorcycle parking lot.
The motorcycle parking lot is located in Tokyo Skytree Town on the west side of Tokyo Skytree.
The motorcycle parking lot is available 24 hours a day and costs 200 yen per hour.
However, if you use the facilities inside Tokyo Skytree, you can get it for free by showing your parking ticket.
Since I used the observation deck and aquarium, there was no parking fee.

It is about a 5-minute walk from the motorcycle parking lot to Tokyo Skytree.
Along the way, there is a shopping mall called Tokyo Solamachi.
Tokyo Solamachi has approximately 300 shops and restaurants.
I stopped by to buy souvenirs and food.
Tokyo Solamachi has shops that sell official Tokyo Skytree goods and shops that sell Tokyo specialties.


I went on a motorcycle tour from Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture to Tokyo Skytree.
Tokyo Skytree had many facilities to enjoy, such as an observation deck and an aquarium.
There were also sights of interest in Saitama Prefecture and Tokyo along the way.
Going by bike was great because I was able to enjoy the scenery and feel the breeze along the way.
However, it was necessary to drive while paying attention to traffic volume and tolls.
I hope this article will be helpful for those who want to go to Tokyo Skytree by motorcycle.

The above was “Bike touring from Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture to Tokyo Sky Tree”.
Next time, I would like to go to a different place.
See you then.

*The English name of Tokyo Skytree is Tokyo Skytree.