[Kanto Touring Spot] [Tochigi Prefecture] Bike trip to Otome Falls! A solo trip on a Harley to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and seasons

Hello, this is _hiroyuki.ta.

This time, I took a motorcycle tour to Otome Falls in Nasu-Shiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Otome Falls is a beautiful waterfall located on the Sawana River that flows from Mt. Shirasasa, with a width of about 5 meters and a drop of about 10 meters, and it can take on various expressions depending on the season and the amount of water.

There are several theories about the origin of the waterfall’s name, but local folk tales and legends remain.

This is a recommended spot for those who want to refresh their mind and body surrounded by clear water and clean air.


Route to Otome Falls

This time we started from central Tokyo.

I took Shuto Expressway Route 6 to the Tohoku Expressway and drove for about two and a half hours to Nasushiobara City.

On the way, we took a break at Kuroiso PA, where you can buy special products and souvenirs from Tochigi Prefecture.

I bought Tochigi prefecture’s famous Tochiotome jam and Tochigi Wagyu beef curry.

From Kuroiso PA, take the Tohoku Jukan Expressway and get off at Kuroiso Itamuro IC.

From there, we took Prefectural Route 351 and Route 30, passed through Itamuro Onsen Town, and entered the Nasu Kogen Skyline.

Nasu Kogen Skyline is a toll road.

This road is a sightseeing road heading towards Mt. Nasu and Shirakawa, and has many curves and hills, making it a rewarding ride.

There are observation decks and rest houses along the way, but this time we headed straight to Otome Falls. It took about an hour and a half to reach Otome Falls.

Highlights of Otome Falls

When you arrive at Otome Falls, there is a viewing platform just a short walk from the parking lot.

From here you can see the waterfall from above. When I went there, there was a lot of water and it was very impressive.

You can go to the river by going down the stairs from the viewing platform.

The stairs are steep and slippery so please be careful. If you go to the river, you can get closer to the waterfall basin, but you will need to take waterproof measures as you will be splashed with water.

I didn’t get too close because I had my camera with me, but I could hear the sound of water and feel the water splashing. When you look up from the waterfall basin, you can feel the power and beauty of the waterfall even more. I looked at the waterfall for a while and felt soothed.

Otome Falls motorcycle parking lot

There is free parking at Otome Falls.

There is space for about 20 regular cars, but there is no dedicated space for motorcycles.

It wasn’t a problem when I went because it was empty, but the parking lot may be full during busy periods.

In that case, it would be a good idea to use the free municipal parking lot or the Ikuseyobashi parking lot in the nearby Itamuro Onsen Town.

However, it is about 5 kilometers from these parking lots to Otome Falls, and it takes about an hour on foot. There are also toilets at Otome Falls, but they are closed during the winter.

Additionally, there are no restaurants or shops near Otome Falls, so we recommend that you bring your own food and drinks or eat them at the Itamuro Onsen Town.


This time, I took a motorcycle tour to Otome Falls in Nasu-Shiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Otome Falls was a relaxing spot surrounded by beautiful nature. The folk tales and legends related to the waterfall’s name are also interesting.

If you go by bike, you can enjoy it by passing through the Nasu Kogen Skyline, but you need to be careful about facilities such as parking and toilets.

There are many other wonderful waterfalls in Tochigi Prefecture, so I would like to continue exploring them in the future. See you again for the next touring report.